Happy Festivus and Other Holidays happening in December

Written by: AD Johnson

I feel safe to say that 2020 has been a rough year for many. In my experience, there have been reasons to be sad, mad, upset, frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged just about every month in 2020. 

However, looking back, I can find moments each day to be grateful for what I have and can find something to celebrate even if it’s small. December is almost over but there is still time for DC students to find a fun festivity each day to celebrate during the rest of winter break.

In the month of December, there are over 100 holidays to celebrate according to National Today, https://nationaltoday.com/december-holidays/, a website that has compiled federal, religious, and fun celebrations for each day of the year. The site has 11 categories that they separate the topic of celebration in and have 5 different countries to choose from when finding a holiday.

I’ve found 5 different days that are unusual, fun, and a bit unheard of to finish off the rest of the year but there are plenty more to choose from in case you need even more merriment during winter break. 

December 22, 2020

National Cookie Exchange Day: This day was created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway known as the Queen of Holidays. It gives people a chance to bake and give a small treat to show kindness. This is especially a good holiday to take part in as dropping off a box of gooides to friends, family and neighbors can be done safely during the pandemic.

December 23, 2020

Festivus: In the 1990s, Festivus was created on the sitcom Seinfield. George’s father made up the holiday after getting in a fight over a toy and wanted to have a better way to celebrate the holiday without “the increased commercialism and consumerism.” To participate in Festivus, there at least main traditions: the airing of grievances, then a Festivus dinner, followed by the Feats of Strength. To find more about Festivus, visit https://festivusweb.com/index.php or watch the Seinfield episode called “The Strike” where the holiday first appears on Hulu or Youtube. It’s always nice to have a good laugh.

December 26, 2020

National Thank You Note Day: This day is a day to thank people who not only gave you gifts but to thank those who we are thankful for during the year. There is no need for a special card or decorated paper, any piece of paper will work as long as the words are honest and show appreciation. **Bonuses – it’s fun to receive mail and it supports our Postal service.

December 28, 2020

National Call a Friend Day: Celebrating your friends is defiantly a reason to have a special holiday. On this day, people get in touch with their friends to reconnect or just chat. Texting or emailing is acceptable too.

December 30, 2020

National Bacon Day: This delicious holiday began in 1997 by Danya “D” Goodman and Meff “Human Cannonball” Leonard. “According to the founders of Bacon Day, we are encouraged to eat a variety of bacon while watching Kevin Bacon movies, or movies with bacon in the title” as reported by the National Day Calendar website https://nationaldaycalendar.com/bacon-day-december-30/

While there are plenty of known holidays to celebrate left this year, adding another fun tradition celebrating one or more of these lesser known days is sure to add more fun and specialness to the festivities. 

Service Leader Host Fundraiser

Written by: Trisha Baldwin

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to give. In fact, students can partake in the act of giving this holiday season right on Defiance College’s campus. The service leadership program has started Project-Build-a-Bed, which involves collecting plastic bags and later weaving them into sleeping mats. The sleeping mats made will support the NOCAC PATH center. DC students are encouraged to collect all of their holiday/grocery bags over the break and bring them with them as they return to campus to aid this great cause.

Donations will be accepted through January 29 at collection sites in Defiance Hall, Serrick Campus Center, George M. Smart Athletic Center, Pilgrim Library, Hubbard Hall, McReynolds Hall, Whitney Hall, and St. John United Church of Christ.

Over the break, each service leader has been busy cutting the bags that have already been collected into plastic yarn, which will later be woven together. However, about 500-700 bags are required to produce one sleeping mat, so the service leaders are in need of as many bags as possible.

According to Mia Mathews, the Director of Service Leadership Programs, “It has been a fantastic way for us to address a community need from our own homes. The most challenging part of this pandemic is that while the needs of the community have skyrocketed, our ability to serve has been limited to reduce exposure to the virus.”

This project serves as a great way to stay civically engaged and helpful while limiting exposure to others during the pandemic.

“We are not only providing resources to support the amazing work of the NOCAC PATH Center, but we are upcycling plastic bags that are very rarely recycled” stated Mathews.

Project Build-a-Bed is not only helping people but also accomplishes the purpose of helping the environment. With the uncertainty of today’s world, the act of giving and helping one’s community remains constant, especially at Defiance College.

Best Coffee Shops at Defiance College

Written by: AD Johnson

There are many places to get coffee around Defiance. To find the best coffee for DC students, I looked at the price, location, and options. 

Looking at the needs of the college student, I narrowed the choices to four close locations that would be accessible to students who do are unable to drive there. They were Biggby, The Hive, Tim Hortons, and McDonald’s. 

Here’s what I found starting with the least favorable to most favorable in choices of coffee for DC students.  

McDonald’s:☕ This restaurant came in last in all categories we looked for in best coffee except the price. Any size coffee was only $1.00 Their iced coffee price started at $1.59 for a small and $2.00 for a large. The most expensive drinks tipped out at $3.59. 

They have the least number of selections. A student can only select vanilla, caramel, or mocha with occasional special flavors like peppermint or pumpkin spice. They offer macchiatos, lattes, cappuccino, and americanos along with plain coffee. 

According to Google Maps, Mcdonalds was also the farthest walk. It is .7 miles away from the dorms with an estimated walk time of 14 minutes. 

Tim Hortons:☕☕ The coffee prices and options were comparable to McDonald’s but Tim Hortons since the distance was closer, placed third on this list. It is .4 miles and about 9 minutes to walk. While closer than McDonald’s it is still quite a bit farther than the other two options. 

Their prices fall in line with that of McDonald’s with a small coffee being $1.55, a large $2.15, and the most expensive drink without add-ons was $4.09. The flavor options were similar to McDonald’s as well. Tim Hortons offered vanilla, mocha, caramel, and a seasonal peppermint mocha option. They had hot, iced, or cold brew coffee and lattes, cappuccinos, americano, and espressos. 

The Hive:☕☕☕ The closet option for students comes in second. The Hive is just .2 miles from the dorms and is about a minute walk. They offer coffee, iced coffee, espresso, frozen coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos. The price of a regular small coffee is $1.79 with a large being $2.19. The most expensive drink is something called a frozen Jacket Mocha coming in at $5.09. The assortment of flavors and types were similar to Tim Hortons and McDonald’s. The Hive also accepts Munch Money which did not figure into the results, but I wanted to note that. 

Biggby: ☕☕☕☕ Biggby being the only coffee specific store comes in first. It had the most options in type and flavor, second closet location, and comparable in price as the other stores. The store .4 miles with about a 2 minutes’ walk from the dorms. 

Samantha Hass, a worker at Biggy and DC student filled me in on the flavors of coffee offered daily. They are at least 13 types. Sam states, “We have quite a few different types of coffee, which we rotate through every day.” They are “Biggby best, Biggby Best Decaf, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Decaf, French Roast, Maple Bourbon, Vermont Maple, Pumpkin Pie, Costa Rica, Living Hope, Michigan Cherry, and Toasted Coconut”. 

The price of a small cup of coffee is $1.99 and an extra-large is $2.39. Most other types of drinks begin at around $2.99 for smalls and upwards of $5.09 for the largest size. They have lattes, americano, café au laits, cappuccinos, and ice coffee. They have many flavors and combinations, many more than the rest of the stores.

Life as a Commuter Student: What it’s like

By: Katelynn Smith

Out of all the students who go to Defiance College, roughly 35% of them are commuter students. This means that they live off campus, such as in an apartment, with their parents or are non-traditional students. Two students shared with me how life is as a commuter student including how tricky it can be now since COVID-19. This is how they are feeling with the semester so far.

Madison Schoenauer is from Defiance, Ohio, and is a Freshman at Defiance. She said that she chose to commute to save money.

Madison Pueschel is originally from Sturgis, Michigan but is living with friends who are upperclassmen in an apartment off-campus.

Both students said they typically drive to school each day and make sure they plan their days in advance so they don’t have to rush around in the mornings and don’t forget things at home.

“I usually pack snacks for the long days and make sure she brings her computer charger as she usually goes to the library during the day to catch up on schoolwork.” She said that “she much rather be in the library as she tends to get distracted and procrastinate her homework while she is at home”.

Both students play sports at Defiance so they are usually on campus for long periods of time. “If I have enough time, she will run back to the apartment and take a quick shower after workouts or will nap, said Pueschel”. 

Time management is typically pretty simple for a commuter student, they both agreed. The students manage their time around their schedules with their classes and the sports they play. While they are usually doing something productive, they both stated that life as a commuter student is pretty laid back and relaxed.

Schoenauer and Pueschel are able to be with their friends and family and still have a good support system around them to help with becoming lonely.

“It does stink with COVID being around that she cannot make as many new friends since commuters are not allowed in the dorms and other areas that residential students are allowed to be in,” Pueschel said. “I cannot see new people at events because she is not allowed or they get canceled.” She feels sad about it but would still rather be a commuter student.

Commuting may be difficult for some students because of Covid being around at the moment, but in the end, if it works out the best for you then commuting is the way to go.

Ranking the Best Cafeteria Menu Items at DC

By: Jeremy Russo

Many students come to the cafeteria for their meals throughout the day but what is their favorite item on the menu?

During the semester, students enter Serrick Campus Center at Defiance College to go to the cafeteria to get their food and have their meal after their class with their friends. The cafeteria and its great staff offer many different options each week to give students a variety of foods to choose from and enjoy. On the weekdays, wraps, fries, pizza, and certain items from the grill are offered every day.

To find out what the favorite item is of DC students, I asked students what their favorite item was and these were the results. The light blue bars represent the number of students who voted these certain items as their favorite foods.

Points scored

From these results, it can be inferred that many students like wraps, mac n cheese, and sandwiches the most. These items contain cheese, meat, and bread which are common meal choices that many students like to eat.

The favorite items on the menu are the most commonly ordered items on the menu and have the longest waits during the rush hour at lunch and dinner times.

The cafeteria is an important business for the campus that also offers many other options than the selections from this graph. The cafeteria menu and hours can be found at https://defiance.hallmarkdining.com/serrick/.

Altogether, the cafeteria is an integral part of campus life by providing and maintaining the most liked items on the menu to attract students with their variety of selections every day.

Defiance College Welcomes Nurse Practitioner

On September 20, 2020, the Defiance College community had welcomed nurse practitioner Alison Schultz to provide services. Every visit is free for students who attend Defiance College and any services rendered at that time. To be seen, a patient must get a Covid-19 test before a visit can occur.

Many services can be provided on campus. “Right now, we can offer urinalysis to screen for urinary tract infections, rapid strep tests to screen for strep throat,” stated Schultz.

Other services are available to students as well. “I can provide prescriptions for birth control, though longer-acting methods such as IUDs would need to be referred to a gynecologist.” She went on further to say, “We are working on being able to offer STD testing, but right now that needs to be completed at Mercy Clinic and would need to be billed to insurance/patient.”

Otherwise, patients can be seen for any illness that would otherwise be evaluated at a primary care clinic,” said Nurse Alison said in an email.

To schedule an appointment, students can call 419-783-2562. The clinic is in the Health Center in Serrick 218. Operating hours are:
Mondays 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tuesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm
Wednesdays 8:00am – 10:00am
Thursdays 10:30am – 12:30pm

Written by: Amanda Vasko

Defiance College Book Club

This year’s addition of Defiance College’s Jacket Journey presents a multitude of ways for students to be involved on campus and rack up the Jacket Points. One of those ways is by joining the new book club. DC has a newly formed book club starting up in the middle of this month. This event, listed on the jacket journey website, is worth a total of 75 points and is open to any current DC student, regardless of their major. The first meeting will occur on Wednesday, November 18th, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. via google meet link (https://meet.google.com/qyb-zixr-ncb).

As stated in the announcement, being involved in the book club will allow students to “gain new insights and perspectives, and practice conversation and leadership skills in a fun, friendly environment.” The club plans to meet twice each month for around an hour, with this month’s book of choice being A Separate Peace. A free version can be found here: http:// https://www.bydewey.com/Peace.pdf or can be borrowed from Pilgram Library. In an email, Professor Agler states, “The book will be available via free online access, so there’s nothing to buy (always a plus!).”

In the words of Professor Agler, Adjunct Professor of English and is head of the book club, “the best part about this club (besides reading and discussing great books, of course!) is YOU have a say in how the club will progress.” The students themselves will have the ability to suggest books and vote on which ones are read by the club and can even lead as “discussion facilitators” if they wish.

Whether one is planning to go into English/Literature, or it is simply a hobby, book club could serve as a phenomenal extracurricular. Students can still join at any time even after the first meeting. Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information, please contact Professor Agler at aagler@defiance.edu. Or go to the English Department’s website at https://englishwonder.wordpress.com/

Written by: Trisha Baldwin