Is Chivalry Outdated?


(Defiance, Oh) I wonder sometimes if the idea of chivalry is irrelevant to today’s culture. How that an etiquette formed in the medieval times is in any way relevant to our way of life. First let’s give a brief definition of what chivalry is. The code of chivalry describes certain standards that promote the development of men. Under this code men are called to be trustful, loyal, courteous, protectors of women, and allies to the weak. While all of these values seem to fall under the phrase of “being a Boy Scout.” However these values are what we should be putting on a pedestal.

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A new life, a new opportunity


(Defiance, Oh) The sails are set, the chain is broken, and the dogs are out!  College has begun once again for the fall semester and with it, many adjustments are taking place for incoming freshman and even some upperclassmen.  From small changes like adapting to the delectable cuisine offered here at DC to much larger alterations like making a dorm or an apartment home, every student at DC is surely experiencing new adventures, achievements, experiences, and exploits.

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Excitement on Fifty Yard Line


Refs, players, and finally a marching band. The first home football game against Adrian on Saturday saw the completion of the football program with the introduction of the first ever Yellow Jacket Marching Band.  The first performance of the marching band had been anticipated since Bridget Leahy was announced as the director of bands last year academic year.  Since then the community and the school has rallied support to provide uniforms, instruments, and staff members.

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