Animal Crossing: New Leaf



“All right! College has started and now it’s time to have fun! Oh shoot, I also have to pay debt. Dang it!” Paying debt is not fun, or at least not in real life. However, there is a game in which you have to pay debt in order to have a nice house in a life simulation game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  In this game, you are a human living in a village with anthropomorphic villagers (animal like humans).  In this life simulator game, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can fish, fossil hunt, catch bugs, buy clothes, and buy furniture for your new house (that you have to pay debt for).  Why is this game so popular?  Let us go back to the first game of the series.

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Excitement on Fifty Yard Line


Refs, players, and finally a marching band. The first home football game against Adrian on Saturday saw the completion of the football program with the introduction of the first ever Yellow Jacket Marching Band.  The first performance of the marching band had been anticipated since Bridget Leahy was announced as the director of bands last year academic year.  Since then the community and the school has rallied support to provide uniforms, instruments, and staff members.

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