DC Men’s Basketball: Mid-Season Drop-In

As the regular season continues to wind down, opportunities to watch the Yellow Jackets play also decrease. The Yellow Jackets will play in five more regular-season games, two of which will take place in the Carl. H. Weaner Center. The Jackets will face Earlham College (Earlharm, IN) on Wednesday, February 12th. Tip-off begins at 7:30 pm. The Jackets will also face Rose Hulman Institute of Technology on Saturday, February 15th. Tip-off for this contest begins at 3:00 pm.

The Defiance College Men’s Basketball team has been off to a rather quick and action-packed Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) season. The Yellow Jackets are currently ranked eighth in the HCAC Men’s basketball standings with a conference record of 5-8 and an overall record of 10-10.

Leading the way in the HCAC standings is Hanover College (Hanover, IN), with a conference record of 9-4 and an overall record of 15-5. Yellow Jacket rival, Bluffton University (Bluffton, OH), is ranked fifth in HCAC standings with a conference record of 7-6 and an overall record of 11-9.

So far, during the season, the Yellow Jackets have racked up big wins over Concordia University (Ann Arbor, MI) with a final score of 79-78. The game-winning shot comes from sophomore, Tyler Andrew. Andrew hit a 3-pointer with 7 seconds left. The shot lifted the Yellow Jackets to the team’s first win of the season and an exhibition win.

Following the exciting road win, the Yellow Jackets traveled to Ball State University (Muncie, IN) to face off against the Cardinals in another exhibition match-up. This match-up was the season opener for the Cardinals. The Cardinals took their first victory over the Yellow Jackets with a final score of 87-43. The Yellow Jackets bounced back quickly by winning their next five non-conference games. The five-game win streak consisted of wins against Westminster College (New Wilmington, PA), Spalding University (Louisville, KY), Great Lakes Chrisitan College (Lansing, MI), University of Akron-Wayne College (Orrville, OH), and Kent State Tuscarawas (New Philadelphia, OH).

The Yellow Jackets started conference play with a big win over Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN). Junior, Miciach Cox leads the Jackets with a total of 19 points, followed by two 17-point performances from Sophomore, Sean Tyson, and Tyler Andrew. The Yellow Jackets have since increased their HCAC Record with wins over Hanover College (Hanover, IN), Manchester University (Manchester, IN), Mount St. Joseph University (Cincinnati, OH), and an exciting triple-overtime win against Earlham College (Richmond, IN).

Don’t miss out on your chance to catch the Yellow Jackets live in action before the regular season ends!


Written by: Hailey Krawczyk

Mindfulness and Meditation

You may have seen the emails every week from Fred Coulter, about an event called “Mindfulness and Meditation”. 

Dr. Coulter was recently appointed the Schauffler Chair of Christian Education, and started the Mindfulness and Meditation program in order to “Offer something to enhance faith on the DC Campus.”. 

The actual meditation of the activity is an unguided process. The sole tool used to structure it is a ‘mindfulness app’ that Dr. Coulter uses to keep track of time. “We wanted to let people do their own type of meditation, but also needed some form of structure. The app is set for ten minutes, with a bell ringing to start. It rings in three-minute intervals, and then three times at the end of the ten minutes.” 

In the emails sent out by Dr. Coulter, it reads that mindfulness is “the process of being aware of our thoughts, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment.” In part along with this, meditation is described as “the practice of letting go of ourselves and letting in the power greater than ourselves, who some call God”.  

Despite being the Chair of Christian Education, Dr. Coulter emphasizes that the activity is open to all that are willing to join. “The meetings are small, with a turnout that sort of rotates, people come when they have time in a very drop-in manner week by week.” 

The Mindfulness and Meditation activity is structured in a certain order, Gathering Thoughts and Centering Through Mindfulness, Introductions, Preparation for Meditation, and Meditation and Listening. According to the email, “I recommend that you do not worry about how well you’re doing it nor get caught up in the technique.” 

Mindfulness and Meditation meet weekly on Tuesdays in the Cultural Arts Center on Serrick Hall’s second floor at 12:05 pm, and Dr. Coulter emails weekly on Mondays at about 9 am as reminders and to let anyone know if certain plans change. 

Written by: Camrin Santchi 


Black squirrels are very rare, but at Defiance College there are many of them.  

“For many people, seeing a squirrel or two is part of our daily routine,” said the DNR, Department of Natural Resources.

You might think that black squirrels are their own species, but they are actually just another type of eastern fox squirrel. “Black squirrels have melanism or excessive pigmentation in its fur,” said the DNR.

You might see these squirrels wandering around the Defiance College campus and think that there’s something different about these squirrels then what you’ve ever seen at home. “Eastern fox squirrels are much bulkier than the gray squirrel, typically weighing one and a half times as much,” said the DNR.

You may think that those black squirrels are just a typical sight in Ohio, but they’re rarer than you think. “I have never seen a black squirrel until I came to Defiance and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio,” said Davonte Lyle, an undecided freshman from Defiance College.

There are many people that believe there is only a certain color that squirrels can be. “I thought the only color that squirrels came in was brown, but when I came to Defiance College campus the black squirrels were everywhere,” Lyle said.

Some people may see a difference in how a black squirrel may act. “Yeah there’s definitely a big difference between black and brown squirrels,” Lyle said. “Black squirrels are bold. I’ll be walking down the sidewalk and they’ll just run right in front of me and they’ll stop. Brown squirrels normally run away. Black squirrels are also a little bit bigger than brown squirrels.”

The rarity of black squirrels is unbelievable. According to smithsonianmag.com, every “one in 10,000” squirrels are considered to be black squirrels.

Written by: Seth Pearson

What To Do in Defiance This Weekend??

Some of you may be wondering what there is to do in Defiance on these snow-covered winter days.  Well, this upcoming weekend has a lot of exciting events planned.

One event you can be involved with is the Student Veterans of America Organization. They are putting together Thanksgiving care packages for veterans. The organization is asking for donations of perishable food items and/or cash donations. They would like the care packages to have everything to make a full dinner and will include a voucher that can be turned into Jacob’s Meats for a turkey. They are asking for items such as dehydrated instant potato flakes, canned milk, canned vegetables, cake mixes, and canned cranberry sauce. Donations can be taken to Defiance Hall 105 no later than Friday, November 22nd. Their goal is 12 complete dinners. So get out and get shopping!

The community is invited to the Elks Lodge #147 for Bingo Night happening on Friday, November 22, 2019. Doors open at 6:00 pm and Bingo starts at 7:00 pm. Some prizes are 32″ tv, gift cards, home decor, and miscellaneous gift baskets.  Come out for a cheap night of fun and win prizes. There will also be a bake sale. The Elks lodge is located at 1760 Jefferson Ave in Defiance.

Another event going on this weekend is the Intramural Turkey Shootout. It was supposed to take place this weekend on Sunday, November 17th, but it was moved back to next weekend on November 24th due to meeting conflicts. If you are interested in participating, all you need to do is turn in a team roster by Friday, November 22nd.

If that’s not enough of basketball, the men’s basketball team takes on Kent State – Tuscarawas on Friday, November 22nd at 5:30 pm at Thomas Moore. Then on  Saturday, November 23rd at 1 pm, they will compete against Akron-Wayne Warriors in the Conner Classic Tournament.

Women’s basketball also plays on the 23rd against the St. Mary Belles at 1 pm in Notre Dame, Indiana.

In other sports news, wrestling faces Baldwin Wallace away on Saturday, November 23rd. These games may be away, but you should definitely check out their live stream if you can’t make it. Go yellow jackets!!

On Friday, November 22nd from 7:30-9 pm, the Young People’s Theatre is presenting the Wizard of Oz. It will be held at the Stroede Center for the Arts. Tickets are $5 at the door and the performance will have you thinking “I’m not in Defiance anymore.” For more info, visit their page here:  http://www.defiancearts.org/upcomingevents.html

Written by: Jordan Furko

The Defiance Yellow Jackets: Year Two of Esports

There are currently 39 people on the Esports roster at Defiance College and Head Coach Corey Parks is looking for more. 

The focus of Coach Parkhas this year is to recruit as many people as he can. “If you like video games, come on down to the esports program,” Parks said.  

Esports is any electronic game that has a group of people to play. Much like any sporting event, there are set dates for when the team plays. “You compete throughout the course of one or two months; then you have playoffs and if you make the top eight…[those] teams will go to one specific spot to compete and that’s your league,” Parks said. 

 “The thing about esports is that games can pop up left and right; it really just comes down to the communities,” Parks said. 

The games that the esports team play throughout the year include: Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Melee, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and Rocket League. 

Coach Parks plans to incorporate the streaming platform called Twitch this year. “So being able to increase our stream for people that know what’s happening is probably one of the biggest goals right now along with the great overall experience in the program,” Parks said. 

  Along with Twitch, Parks wants to recruit a broadcaster to talk about what’s going on throughout competitions. “Most programs have a Twitch and they also have a broadcaster, but I really want to push to the next level and get people out here that know their stuff so we can really grow our stream,” Parks said.  

Parks explains how he came to the realization that the people watching need a broadcaster to know what’s going on during competitions, “I was so caught up in the world of esports that I thought everyone else knew what I knew.”  

Along with his big goal to set up a stream, Coach Parks just wants everyone in the program to have fun.  

Parks is very experienced in the world of esports, and even just gaming in general.  

Parks started playing video games at age 10 years old, entered his first competitive scene at 15 for Counterstrike, and went professional at age 18 

For more information contact Coach Parks at cparks@defiance.edu.  Or stop by the esports arena which is located in the downstairs area of the Pilgrim Library. 

Written by: Seth Pearson

Are You Registered to Vote?  

Last week the country celebrated National Voter Registration Day. It falls on the fourth Tuesday in September. The holiday is to promote awareness to eligible adults about voter registration so that no one misses the deadline to register.  Everyone can then vote in the upcoming elections without interruptions.  

First celebrated in 2012, National Voter Registration started its campaign to get the word out. As stated by the National Voter Registration Day website, “Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. National Voter Registration Day wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote.” 

To be eligible to vote, according to USA.gov, adults must be U.S. citizens, meet their home state residency requirements and be at least 18 years old before election day. They are also required to be registered. Unless you are from North Dakota as they do not require registration, everyone else that is eligible will need to register to vote.   

Students must meet all requirements to vote in future elections.  

For students that are not registered and wish to become a valid voter,  there are the many ways to register.

For those unable to register in person, most states now allow online registration. It is available for 38 states and the District of Columbia. Check here to see if your state has online registration. Other options for students not registered is to download the National Mail Voter Registration Form. You can fill it out on screen and print the completed form, or print the blank form and fill it out by hand.” Then mail it to your local election office. 

For those students who would rather register in person, there are many options in location to visit and sign up to vote. Head to your local Board of Elections office where they can help you fill out the proper forms to get registered. Also, check your local department of motor vehicle office or armed forces recruitment center as most of the location can register you. Your state and county public assistance offices may also be able to register voters. 

To check if you are eligible to register, are already registered or to find out more information, go to https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote or visit https://vote.gov/ to find out how to register. To find out more about National Registration Day, check out their website here: https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/ 

Written by: April Johnson 

Students, Give Back to Those Who Give to Us!

Tomorrow, March 14th, 2019 is the Defiance College Day of Giving. Michelle Tinker, the interim director of development and the coordinator of this event, will be sitting in Hubbard all day tomorrow! She is inviting all DC students to sign thank you cards for the alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of the college who donate each year to help support the programs and advancement of DC! Besides showing gratitude, students who sign thank you cards will be entered into a raffle for a prize!

Please join Michelle in giving back to those who give to us!