What Does It Mean To Be A Teammate?

Jordan Osborne (Defiance, OH)

The dictionary definition of a teammate is “to be a member of the same team”. But what all does being a teammate entitle? At Defiance College we have all sorts of teams. There are sports teams like baseball, softball, football, soccer, tennis and more. We have fraternities and sororities like Alpha Phi Omega or Alpha Xi Delta. We have Defiance College Chamber Singers, Project 701, the McMaster Program for Advancing Humanity, the Honors Program, Service Leaders, etc. The list goes on and on.

Everyone has their own definition of being a teammate.

Sophomore Izzy Martinez says that being a teammate is “being part of a brotherhood where you know that the guy next to you will give his all to achieve a common goal.”

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The 1950’s At Defiance College

– Barbara Sedlock, DC Archivist


The 1950s is the decade when Russia’s launch of Sputnik started the space race, Senator Joseph McCarthy was the force behind Communist “witch hunts” in the U.S., and Crick and Watson discovered the structure of DNA.  It was the decade when major league baseball became fully integrated, the Civil Rights movement began, and Charlie Parker and Miles Davis were leaders of jazz.  Elvis was rock and roll’s king, science fiction and monster movies were popular, and the 50s saw the opening of Disneyland and the first McDonald’s.


Defiance College was in the national spotlight in the 50s due to President Kevin McCann.  He took office in 1951, after DC trustees asked former General Dwight (“Ike”) Eisenhower, who was then President of Columbia University, for suggestions of candidates for DC’s presidency.  McCann was one of Eisenhower’s aides at the time, read the letter, and proposed himself as one of the candidates.

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