Review: World War Joy 

What do you get when you mix three different artists and two different genres of music? The answer; The World War Joy Tour featuring Lennon Stella, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), and The Chainsmokers.

The concert was worth seeing. When the tour was first announced, there was skepticism, and an unsure sense of how combining two completely different genres of music with two different fan bases would work.

However, the energy in the arena was very present. All artists did a great job of engaging the audience, making the night one to remember.

The idea for the tour first came from The Chainsmokers, a popular-EDM (Electric Dance Music) production duo made up of members Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair first rose to fame with the release of their first hit single, “#SELFIE.”

Since the release of “#SELFIE,” the duo has collaborated with several artists on hit singles such as “Closer” featuring Halsey and “Who Do You Love?” featuring Australian pop-rock, 4-piece, 5SOS. Following their collaboration with 5SOS, the duo planned to release their newest album, World War Joy. This sparked the idea of a tour in which, 5SOS and Lennon Stella became included. 5SOS became a co-headliner. Throughout the 41-show long tour, the duo continues to translate their act from DJs to live music performances.

The show kicked off with an opening artist, Lennon Stella. Stella’s genre is also EDM meaning that her performance was similar to The Chainsmokers. A drummer and a DJ joined Stella onstage as she jumped and jogged around, trying to get the audience engaged and warmed up for the rest of the night.

Visual aids were heavily present on the screens above her set, constantly flashing and changing colors for each song. Stella performed a total of 8 songs. She opened with “Breakaway,” a song off of her second EP, and concluded with “La Di Da,” a song that has been streamed over 75 million times on Spotify.

Following Stella’s performance, 5SOS took the stage, and the audience erupted.

A visual aid of each band member’s logos appeared on the screens throughout the arena. The group opened with their very first hit single, “She Looks So Perfect.” The atmosphere was loud and crazy; the audience got into their performance.

The members of 5SOS worked the stage extremely well, considering that they play their instruments. Drummer, Ashton Irwin, created a smooth transition from “She Looks So Perfect” to “More,” a fan favorite off of their latest album, “Youngblood.” The group performed a total of 16 songs, ending their performance with “Teeth,” “Want You Back,” and “Youngblood.”

The dimming of the lights and the display of the World War Joy logo on the big screens had signified the moment the audience had been waiting for: The Chainsmokers.

Drummer, Matt McGuire, took the stage holding torches. Smoke and warm-colored lighting engulfed the scene. Each member took their spots on stage and kicked off their set with “Takeaway,” a track featuring opener, Lennon Stella.

Concluding “Takeaway,” an EDM drum performance took the stage and then transitioned into 2015 hit, “Roses.” The performance included different pyro releases, drum solos, and smooth transitions.

Halfway through the set, the duo brought back out Luke Hemmings, the lead singer from 5SOS, to perform “Who Do You Love.” This onstage collaboration brought both groups of fans together, something that usually doesn’t happen.

The set concluded with “Closer” and a final onstage bow.

Written by: Hailey Krawczyk

Winter in Ohio

Winter is coming.  

Justin Caballero, a junior marketing major, is from Tampa, Florida. “The coldest I’ve ever seen it (in Florida) is 30 degrees,” Caballero said.

“It was the hardest thing to overcome. I didn’t want to leave my room at all during the winter. I wasn’t prepared for the cold that Ohio has.” Caballero said.

There are students all around Defiance College that are new to the cold months in Ohio. Some people are from Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

Brian Robins, a freshman education major, is from Fort Worth, Texas. “Texas is hot, very hot, and dry, but it’s not very humid,” Robins said. “The lowest I’ve ever experienced in the wintertime is 20 degrees.”

In Ohio, the winters are far colder than in Texas. For example, according to, on January 31st, 2019, in Ohio, there was a high of two degrees and a low of -11 degree. In Fort Worth, Texas, it was a low of 38 degrees and a high of 55 degrees.

It can be challenging for people from the South to adjust to the Ohio weather, but there are some ways to make it through.

“I’m going to prepare by getting a lot of winter clothes soon and just bundling up,” Robins said.

“I called my mom and told her that I actually need a coat and boots, hoodies, and shoes are not going to cut it,” Caballero said. “She had to send me a whole care package with a coat and timberlands and long sleeves to get by.”

According to, the first day that we have a chance of seeing snow on November 20th. Good luck!

Written by: Seth Pearson

Get Fit

In order to get bigger, you need to eat more calories but healthy calories. There is a difference between a handful of almonds and a handful of gummy bears. 

Chris Shank, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator


“Have a plan,” Chris Shank, a Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Defiance College. He states, “A lot of people will sit there, especially young athletes, with working out very little and eating whatever they want. That’s why you need to have a plan. {You] need to know how many carbs, protein, and fats per week, per day, per meal,” Shank said. “There’s good weight, and there’s bad weight,” Shank said. To reach your goals of getting bigger, you have to have a plan of what you eat for every time you put food in your mouth. 

Supplements are something people all around the U.S. take to help them bulk up like protein powder and creatine. But supplements are not always the best thing for your body and can also be unsafe. “Anyone can, if you have the right marketing, just put a label on a supplement and have it say get big,” Shank said. Be sure to do your research on what is in the supplement you’re using because there could be something in there that you don’t like the way your body feels when taking it. 

Nate Hall, a Junior Education and History major at Defiance College, intakes 4000 to 5000 calories a day and works out for about an hour and a half per day. “Best thing for building muscle is diet, it’s about 80% diet, and 20% is lifting,” Hall said.

It is recommended to work all your muscles to bulk up evenly, such as biceps, triceps, chest, legs, back, etc. But you should work them at certain times of the week. “Generally, if you take three days off of lifting for a certain body part or muscle group, then that’s when you start to see gains,” Shank said.

There’s a facility on campus that allows you to work out just for being a Defiance College student, which is the George M. Smart Center. Another option, however, is not on campus. The local Defiance YMCA, located at 1500 Palmer Drive, supplies students with a free membership using your student ID. For more info visit:

Written by: Seth Pearson

Are You Registered to Vote?  

Last week the country celebrated National Voter Registration Day. It falls on the fourth Tuesday in September. The holiday is to promote awareness to eligible adults about voter registration so that no one misses the deadline to register.  Everyone can then vote in the upcoming elections without interruptions.  

First celebrated in 2012, National Voter Registration started its campaign to get the word out. As stated by the National Voter Registration Day website, “Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. National Voter Registration Day wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote.” 

To be eligible to vote, according to, adults must be U.S. citizens, meet their home state residency requirements and be at least 18 years old before election day. They are also required to be registered. Unless you are from North Dakota as they do not require registration, everyone else that is eligible will need to register to vote.   

Students must meet all requirements to vote in future elections.  

For students that are not registered and wish to become a valid voter,  there are the many ways to register.

For those unable to register in person, most states now allow online registration. It is available for 38 states and the District of Columbia. Check here to see if your state has online registration. Other options for students not registered is to download the National Mail Voter Registration Form. You can fill it out on screen and print the completed form, or print the blank form and fill it out by hand.” Then mail it to your local election office. 

For those students who would rather register in person, there are many options in location to visit and sign up to vote. Head to your local Board of Elections office where they can help you fill out the proper forms to get registered. Also, check your local department of motor vehicle office or armed forces recruitment center as most of the location can register you. Your state and county public assistance offices may also be able to register voters. 

To check if you are eligible to register, are already registered or to find out more information, go to or visit to find out how to register. To find out more about National Registration Day, check out their website here: 

Written by: April Johnson 

D.C.’s 3rd Day of Giving

Defiance College’s 3rd annual Day of Giving will commence on March 14th where alumni, friends, and faculty and staff are encouraged to donate for the upcoming academic year.

Michelle Tinker, the interim director of development, describes the Day of Giving as a “24-hour period where alumni, friends of the college, and faculty and staff come together to make their annual gift”. Tinker establishes that the benefits that alumni experienced while they were students enable them to appreciate the ability to give back to the college. The Day of Giving helps fund scholarships and other programs on the campus such as athletics or the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. Tinker discussed the desire to create a scholarship in honor of a late trustee and alumni, Tim Leuzarder. This scholarship fund collected a total of $6,682 from 25 different donors.

The event has grown from Phonathon, an event where members of the college would call to check-in with alumni and verify addresses and phone numbers. Following verification, the alumni would then be asked to donate financially. Tinker explained that with the changing in how people manage technology and how they respond to phone calls, the online platform for donations is the best way to stick with the times The online platform allows for those donating to choose where the money goes and to match donations made by others. The platform also allows for the sharing and advertising of the link to social media.

If interested in donating, visit and help fund programs and advancements that are being made to Defiance College.

UPDATE TO THE STORY: Thanks to generous donors, Defiance College was able to reach and surpass its goal of collecting $60,000 in donations. The Day of Giving accumulated a sum of $63,188 and that is only what was donated online. This sum does not include the donations that are sent in by mail or otherwise.

Written by Jordan Osborne

The Bridge Closure Has Minimal Effect on Students

The Defiance North Clinton bridge that was set to be closed on February 14th for new construction has been moved back one week. For travelers who use the bridge, this is going to mean having to find alternative routes for your daily commute. What effect does the closing have on-campus living students?

With word of the construction spreading throughout the town I asked some fellow students about their knowledge of the bridge closing, as well as if they use it. It seemed that many students were aware of the bridge closing, and some of them said that they do not often use the bridge because they don’t have to go on that side of town that much.

Damion tall, a senior business student said, “the only time I use that bridge is to go to the YMCA”. Another student, Dev Goodwyn, a sophomore business major said, “I was unaware that the bridge was going to be closing” and went on to say that “I barely ever used that bridge”.  The students that were aware that the bridge was closing typically were the ones that use the bridge from time to time. The project is projected to take nine months to complete and 8.3 million dollars. Whether you use the bridge, or you don’t, closing will commence February 21st.   

Update: The official closing date of the bridge has been moved to February 25th, as per the Ohio Department of Transportation, due to high water levels on the Maumee River.

Written by Tyler Bullock


Defiance Students on ‘The Wall’

The political scheme of the United States has been at a standstill due to ‘the Wall’ and the students of Defiance College have offered some of their opinions on the issue.

The students at Defiance seemed to share mixed opinions on the Wall issue. During a break between classes, students were interviewed in the cafeteria regarding their feelings on the Wall. Students stated a desire for anonymity regarding their answers. Due to this, student names and other identifiers have been removed.

One student stated that she has “no idea about any details or anything on it because I live under a rock.” While this student did not have much to say on her solution to the Wall issue, others had plenty.

One student spoke in support of building the Wall explaining that, in reference to the money spent on illegal immigrants in recent years, “it would save us money in the long run because we have spent over 21 billion in each of the last two years, so over 42 billion”. The student also stated that “it would keep our country safer as a whole without drugs coming into it, not saying every immigrant is bad but making sure they are at least cleared through a checkpoint would be nice.”

Other students did not share the support. One student stated that the only way to fix the problem would be to “build a time machine, travel to the past, and then not vote for Donald Trump to be our president.” Another student believes that the money for the wall would be better spent on programs such as “health care, funding for job placement and job security, children in poverty and education.” Other students concurred that education would be a more suitable place for the money spent on the Wall.

   And finally, one student, a member of the Army National Guard, stated that “I will support the decisions the country makes. However, this Wall seems immoral to me. We are supposed to be the great American melting pot, a place where everyone is welcome to find their freedom. Building a Wall takes away those freedoms”.

   The executive order for ‘the Wall’ was issued on January 25th of  2017 by President Donald Trump. The goal of this order was to make sure that immigration laws were being upheld and protect the country as per President Trump’s executive order. To secure the Southern border, the executive order calls for immediate construction of a physical Wall to prevent illegal aliens from entering into the country. The creation of such a Wall is expensive, as Trump acknowledges and addresses, stating the government would “allocate all sources of Federal funds for the planning, designing, and constructing of a physical Wall along the southern border.”

   Students are offering up their opinions on a huge political debate. The students interviewed held a variety of different thoughts on the topic while also sharing in similarities when it came to where they believed the money should go.

Written by Jordan Osborne