Jobs for Non-Work Study Eligible Students

Some Defiance College students are not work study eligible which doesn’t allow them to make money while in classes. Luckily, there are many businesses nearby that are hiring part-time students to fill their open positions.  

Planet Fitness on North Clinton Street offers not only a job motivating others but also a free black card membership to enjoy for the duration of the employment to use the facilities. With this free black card membership, you are able to work out, tan, us the massage chairs, and hydrobeds.

Through Planet Fitness you also become CPR/AED and Tanning certified. With CPR training you will learn how to revive someone that has stopped breathing and using  AED training to diagnose the issue and treat the individual through the application of electricity.

Planet Fitness’ Manager, Kaity Elderkin stated: “I look for self-motivated, positive people that talk to the guests and perform daily tasks such as answering guest questions, providing tours, and cleaning the equipment.” If this job and perks sound appealing stop in any Thursday from 9 am- 5 pm to attend an open interview with Kaity or call (419) 990-0500.

Another available position is a Chiropractic Assistant at A. Little Chiropractic Center on Ralston Ave. This small, busy office needs another desk assistant to help with its growing business. While working there the individual will gain knowledge of office life and how to use various computer systems.

The owner Alicia Little said, “We’re looking for an outgoing, self-motivated individual that enjoys talking to our patients and having fun. We teach you to use our chiropractic software and no other experience is required. Your pay would start at $10/hr”. To join this growing company call (419) 782-2272 to schedule an interview.

Applebee’s Grill and Bar on North Clinton Street is hiring for servers, hosts, and cooks. Through this company, various valuable skills are taught that will allow for excellent customer service.

One of the managers, Paul Spencer said, “We’re looking to fill a variety of positions with people that are hard-working, motivated, and friendly.” After being hired there is a small amount of computer training to help understand the computer system used to complete orders. If working in a restaurant sounds exciting, apply online at or call Applebee’s at (419) 784-2279 to speak with a manager.

Within a short drive or walk close to campus, it is obvious there are many off-campus employment options for students to take advantage of.

Written by Kenzie Hall

Gun Control: Is it Needed?

The issues surrounding guns and the need for more rules and regulations have become a serious concern in America. The problems with guns and the horrific results that have been associated with them are at the forefront for controversial discussions. With the rising number of school shootings ending in death or injuries as a result of firearms thousands of people have joined to rally for a change.  On February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida a school shooting occurred killing seventeen students. Emma Gonzalez, Parkland shooting survivor, lead a rally for The March For Our Lives. She spoke in Washington D.C. expressing personal hardship that she experienced while also speaking on behalf of those that lost their lives. She stood on stage in silence for six minutes and twenty seconds to illustrate the time it took for some many too lose their lives. She demonstrated remarkable strength and courage to present during this march.

DC senior Sydni Smith expressed her views on the numerous school shootings that have taken place and the issues surrounding firearms. Smith stated, “I believe everyone has the right to own a gun, however I do feel there needs to be restrictions with the type of weapons someone may own.” Additionally, she argued that with the alarming amount of school shootings that have occurred this year something needs to change in regards to firearms. As shootings across the world continue to increase a need for changes within the school system is a rising concern. Similarly, some sort of change in gun regulations is needed in order to prevent this issue from ongoing occurrence.

Written by Madysyn Creighton


Throughout the years, social injustices have begun to amass strong groups of vocal supporters who work to fight for equality on different platforms. Recently, women’s rights and sexual harassment have gained thousands of supporters from all walks of life.

The Me Too Movement was started in 2006 by Tarana Burke who created the movement to let women know that they are not alone and that their sexual harassment does not go unnoticed. Stars like Alyssa Milano then began to encourage people to tweet #metoo to allow people to see just how many are affected by sexual harassment and how big of a problem that it is. Lately there have been many examples of sexual harassment within the media. Accusations of sexual violence have been thrown in all sorts of ways, filling the media with the hashtag #metoo.

In November of 2017, a letter was published in Time magazine in response to the women who had stood out against Harvey Weinstein voiced the suppressed words of 70,000 women. Later, more women, especially stars, signed the letter and started working towards a platform that allowed for sexual harassment to be faced head on. At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, several stars, especially women, wore black and brought guests with them who could help advance the Me Too Movement. Following the Golden Globes, stars attended the Grammys in all white or wearing white roses.

Haleigh Parrish shared why this movement is important to her, saying that “the me too movement is important to me because it sheds light on something important that many women face in the workforce but are too afraid to come forward with. It’s a movement that is empowering women and men alike who face sexual harassment and rape culture, allowing them to have power over the situations that have happened to them and taking power away from the abusers. For me, it may make someone who thinks they have power over me think twice about contributing to harassment”.

By creating a public stance on the issues, women are being empowered and are working towards equality through the resolution of issues regarding harassment. Being a women does not equate to being a minority and the members of the Me Too movement are working towards ridding the world of inequality.

Written by Jordan Osborne

The 18th Annual Empty Bowls

The Social Work program is at it again. The junior social work majors have been working diligently towards another successful Empty Bowls event. On February 15th, from 4 pm- 7 pm. at the K of C, the Defiance College Social Work program will be selling bowls and soup to donate to the PATH center. For DC Students and employees, admission is $8. Admission for children 12 and under is $6. For others, admission is $10. Admission includes a bowl made by Defiance alumni, Brandon Knott.

Senior social work major explained why Empty Bowls is worth all of the effort, saying that “it’s a longstanding community tradition in it’s 18th year that directly supports the local homeless shelter, PATH. The event brings together community members, business donors, and students for a cause bigger than any single one of us. All monetary proceeds benefit the PATH center as well as additional food donations. The outreach of PATH is powerful and especially vital in a small, rural region”.

Please consider joining the social work program tonight! Help donate to those who need it and help make a difference in someone’s life!

Written by Jordan Osborne

In the Spirit of Giving: Christmas for Kids

The holidays bring all sorts of things: singing, food, family, joy, and so much more. However, some families may not be as fortunate as others. Whatever the difficulty may be, financial or otherwise, gift-giving can be hard in some families. Where there is struggle, there is also a community of people willing to help.

Members of the Defiance College community joined up with 98.1’s Christmas for Kids to help create a memorable Christmas for all kids. Every year, the news station joins representatives from several Defiance College organizations around the Christmas tree in Serrick to partake in the giving of presents to those less fortunate. Many sports teams donate gifts along with other organizations on campus like Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity on-campus.

The softball team was also one of those teams that joined in donating. The team decided to meet around the tree at about 7 a.m. bringing several gifts. From board games to toys, the team brought all sorts of things to help bring joy this holiday season. Senior Sydni Smith stated that she enjoys donating to Christmas for Kids because “giving back to kids that don’t have a lot makes you feel so good and so appreciative of all that you are fortunate to have in your life.”

This holiday season, make it a goal of yours to give back to the community in some way, shape or form. It’ll make you feel better but will also make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Written by Jordan Osborne

Representatives Visit Propel Conference

Three representatives from Defiance College, Adam Swisher, Kaity Kuhn, and MacKenzie Combs attended the 2017 Propel Conference at the University of Akron on November 17th.  The focus of this year’s conference was Childhood Poverty and how it affects all aspects of a child’s life from birth to adulthood. Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman both made remarks on the topic and how as Ohio, we can combat these issues. A panel consisting of Barbara Poppe, Dr. Robert Murray, and David James discussed how to have the hard conversations to make our communities and Ohio better for our children and their futures. There were also student breakout sessions talking about the intersection between food insecurity and housing instability as well as the opioid epidemic and how it affects the development of children in and outside the classroom.  Adam Swisher stated “My favorite about Propel Ohio was the session about opioid epidemic. It really encouraged me to think about the crisis in a different way and challenged me to think about how I can help the cause.”

Written by Kaity Kuhn

Kneeling Against Injustice

Last year, the United States witnessed controversy in the form of Colin Kaepernick as he refused to stand for the National Anthem before NFL games. Originally, he sat and then, after speaking with a former Green Beret, he decided that taking a knee would be the best possible way to go ahead with his protest without disrespecting the military. Following the game of his original protest, Kaepernick claimed “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”, giving explanation for his protest. The protest was started as a way to fight back against racial discrimination within the United States.

Recently, the men of the Defiance College football team have began to kneel during the national anthem prior to kickoff. Junior Jalin Nealy gave me an inside look as to why the boys were participating in the kneeling. Nealy stated that, “the individuals who kneel are expressing their right to express how they feel. Some of the guys kneel for different reasons, whether it’s for their own experiences or for the social injustice in the country. It’s no disrespect to our veterans or anyone who has served in our military. We love and appreciate our vets. We just are tired of not being seen or heard. We want equality in this country and we deserve it. We won’t stand up for a country who doesn’t stand up for what we believe in”.

The protests have become common within the sport of football. This past month, Gyree Durante was kicked off of his college football team after he decided to kneel during the coin toss and playing of the national anthem. The backup quarterback played for a private division 3 liberal arts school in Reading, Pennsylvania, Albright College. The football players of Albright had decided, as a team, to kneel during the coin toss but stand during the playing of the national anthem. Durante had broken the team rule and in turn, chose to kneel during the anthem. In the breaking of the team rule, Durante was removed from the team. He was the sole player from the team to kneel.

No professional members participating in these protests have been removed from their teams. No members of the Defiance College football team have been removed either.

Written by Jordan Osborne