Shakespeare Play Opportunity at DC

Defiance College is putting on The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised] this semester.

With the direction of Dr. Steven Engel, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Composition, and Ryan Mays, Audio Visual & Academic Technology Coordinator, it will be the first play to be produced in several years at Defiance College.

The performance will take place at Schomburg Auditorium in Dana Hall. There is not an official date for the performance, but there is a chance it will be on April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday.

A Defiance College student said, “This sounds awesome. I would buy tickets.”

According to Engel they are in need of “actors, techies, front of house folks, etc.” Anybody is welcome to participate, even people who have not had an experience with theater before.

According to Biography Online, Shakespeare wrote 38 plays and 154 sonnets. He would also even act in some of his own plays.

Dr. Engel and Mr. Mays are very excited to be doing this event.

There has already been an informative meeting, but it’s okay if you have missed it. You can still join. Auditions for people who want to act will be Thursday, February 27 at 2 pm in Schomburg Auditorium. Engel said in an email, “you do not need to prepare anything for this audition. The good news is that we will cast anyone who is interested in the show—so there will be no cuts. At the audition, you will participate in some improv games, move around a little on stage, and read a short passage from the play out loud.”

For more information contact Steven Engel at or Ryan Mays at

Written by: Amber Baldwin

Movies to Celebrate Black History Month

If there are a few things we expect of February, it’s that it’s the shortest month with varied days of 28 or 29, Valentine’s day is celebrated, and that it’s time for the country to honor Black History Month.

The Office of Intercultural Relations here at Defiance College holds many events that celebrate Black History Month. The office is offering two movies showcasing African American’s who fight for what is right and just with the film Harriet and Just Mercy.

Katelyn Hartzell, a student at Defiance College, said, “I think these events are awesome.  Everyone can learn about different cultures and appreciate everything and everyone.”

One event that is being put on this month is two movie nights.  On Thursday, February 13, at 7:30 pm, Harriet was played at Schomburg Auditorium.  An anonymous student from Defiance College who was at the showing of Harriet last Thursday said, “It was such a good movie.  Everyone should see it.”

Harriet is a movie about the life and events of Harriet Tubman.  The film has been nominated for 34 different awards, including 2 Oscars and has won 18. It is available for rent on most streaming services.

If you did not make it out to that movie night, there is another chance to view a  movie on Wednesday, February 26, at 7:30 pm in Schomburg Auditorium.  This time Just Mercy will be playing. This particular movie is being “co-sponsored…with the Library and Student Academic Support Services.”

It is currently still in theaters and follows the life of a lawyer, played by Micheal B. Jordan. He uses his law degree in fighting to correct the cases of black citizens who have been unjustly convicted of crimes and sentenced to jail.

Both movies premiered in theaters in 2019.

There have been emails sent out to all students and staff about this event, but for even more information, check out this website:

Here is the trailer for Harriet

Here is the trailer for Just Mercy

Written by: Amber Baldwin

A Voice for Student-Athletes: SAAC

(Defiance, OH) Hey DC! Today we get to spend some time together talking about an underappreciated and quite incredible organization on campus. This is the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, or SAAC for short. SAAC is an organization, specifically for student athletes on campus, and it gives them an opportunity to not only give back, but also have a voice in their college experience.

To give a little background about SAAC, each team gets to have representatives for this organization. They meet around 1-2 times per month, and talk about current issues going on in the NCAA, ways to improve the conference and the overall college experience, and help support all the student athletes on campus.

Members of SAAC have a direct voice in what happens in the NCAA. All members of SAAC have a chance to vote on legislation that is put together by the NCAA. Each member consults their team about what the legislation entails, then SAAC votes as a group, and sends it back to the NCAA, who then bases their decision off of all the SAAC’s around the world.

SAAC does not just handle formal issues though. They also give back to the community. One thing that DC’s SAAC does is participate in Unified Bowling, where one collegiate athlete will be paired with someone who has a mental disability, and they go out and compete in a bowling tournament. DC sponsors 4 total students, so we have 4 student athletes currently participating in Unified Bowling.

SAAC also does more than community service, but they do things to try and make the student athlete experience here at DC better. As a group of students, they organize specific games where they will make signs for a team and work on getting a big crowd there, or having little kids at the game for our student athletes. They also put on a full week of appreciation for our athletes here on campus, where athletes are spotlighted for excelling in the classroom and on the field. The organization also funds game nights for athletes, and even an ice cream night from Eric’s that is free of charge for all athletes.

DC just had a student athlete elected president of the entire HCAC’s SAAC. Mason Rapp, a junior on the baseball team, was elected recently to lead the HCAC for this upcoming year. We had a chance to meet up with Mason and he had this to say, “To me it means I get to wake up every single day and represent our student athlete body and continue the goal to make this campus even better for student athletes.”

Another person who has an extreme passion for DC’s SAAC is volleyball’s assistant coach, Alicia Kalik, who had this to say when asked about why SAAC is an important organization, “SAAC is a group comprised of student-athletes who work together to enhance the experience and opportunities for all students on campus. Student-athletes involved in SAAC are the voice of student-athletes both on campus, in the conference, and through the NCAA.”

If you are a student athlete, and are interested in joining SAAC, please contact Whitney Schaulk or any other SAAC executive board member and take the correct steps in joining this incredible organization.

Written by Zac Bires

Alpha Phi Omega #brolympics!

This week the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega will be putting on a series of Olympics related events this week for their Rush Week! The service fraternity is the only co-ed fraternity on-campus. The fraternity is based around the covenants of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. They are currently recruiting for people to join their Spring 2018 pledge class!

Monday the fraternity will be hosting a movie night in Whitney hall with snacks and Olympic themed movies. Tuesday night features the women’s soccer coach, Coach Vincent as she discusses ways to develop character at 9pm in the Buchman Board room. Wednesday night the brothers will participate in Pie-A-Bro in Serrick at lunch. On Thursday, the brothers will put on a carnival in the Hive from 8-10 pm. The brothers will also be raffling off an Olympic themed prize, with the entry fee being a handmade Valentine for the residents of the Laurels! On Friday there is snowman building in between the residence halls with an Olympic opening ceremony watch party from 8-10 pm.

Please join the brothers of Alpha Zeta Rho and take the time to see what they are about! With any questions, feel free to ask any APO brother!

Written by Jordan Osborne

DC’s Dance Marathon

Defiance College has multiple different organizations on campus through the Project 701 office. All these organizations are non-profit, service oriented organizations that are student-run. Project 701 reaches out to the community to try and get others involved and help out with community needs.

One of the organizations through the Project 701 office is Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is all about putting on fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the Mercy Children’s Miracle Network. This movement is all about raising money “For The Kids”. Dance marathon is in college, university, and high school programs all throughout the country. It helps to raise awareness for children who are born with deficiencies, live with illnesses, or suffer from injuries that keep them from being a typical child. The proceeds go toward making sure these children and those to come do not fight alone in ways of research, equipment, or helping with medical bills. Throughout the country, there are over 300 Dance Marathon programs, with nine campuses raising over $1 million annually. Though Defiance College’s program is very small and may not be able to raise $1 million, it was able to raise $1,400 last year. Any amount is accepted when it comes to raising money for these children and their families that are in need.

Defiance College’s Dance Marathon has multiple events planned for the 2017-2018 year to help raise money for the Miracle Network. Currently, the organization is running a competition between teams through an online donation service called Donor Drive. This will be up and running the entire school year. Other fundraising events for Defiance’s Dance Marathon is multiple Minute-to-Win-it fundraisers at different sporting events, a Christmas Carnival, a candy-gram fundraiser, a promo night at a local restaurant, and the end of the year Buzzathon. The organization’s goal is to raise $2,000 for the Miracle Network this year. Assistant manager, Michaela Bauer, commented “Dance Marathon has changed my life and gave me a new perspective on life. It has made me want to work with children and feel so passionate about helping children who may not have the opportunities that I have. It is life-changing seeing the smiles on the children’s faces at the events we put on and how happy they are.” If there is any interest in joining or any questions about the movement, contact Taylor Gillig or Michaela Bauer for more information. Dance Marathon is this generation fighting for the next.

Written by Michaela Bauer