Finals Week

-Zach Bires

(Defiance, OH) Finals week, the week that every student dreads. Multiple tests means huge amounts of stress on students due to the weight these tests have on their grades. This can cause long sleepless nights, restlessness, and a huge amount of stress.

For freshman this can be even more of a haunting task than for those who have taken college finals before, but, have no fear, because two upperclassmen are willing to offer tips of advice on how to tackle this daunting task.

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Marching on to Next Year

-Jerad Feffer


image by: Kathy Punches


image by: Kathy Punches

(Defiance, OH) The fall sports season has slowly come to an end, but the Defiance College Yellow Jacket Band will continue to march on. The band has recently wrapped up its second season and will continue to perform for many years to come.

“It is a small but mighty band,” said Bridget Olenik, Director of Bands. The band has performed at all home football games and in the Defiance Halloween Parade. The Yellow Jacket Band is also the first marching band on campus and is open to anyone who has music experience.

Olenik says that the band enjoys playing popular music such as “Seven Nation Army,” the “Back to the Future theme song,” “Cupid Shuffle,” and other favorites.

“The band is some of the finest musical talent on campus,” says Olenik. The Yellow Jacket Band is the only marching band in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference and has custom made uniforms.

Several students who are a part of the Yellow Jacket Band were asked what they liked about band, their favorite songs, and what their most favorite thing about being in band is. Logan Jones says his favorite thing about band is the people.

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Inside Look At Men’s Basketball

-Zack Bires

(Defiance, OH) As most students here know, basketball season is upon us. The excitement for the season opener Saturday November 15, 2014 versus Alma has already started.

Last year, the Jackets tied for first in the HCAC, finishing with a record of 15-3 in conference play. There have been several changes, including a coaching change, announcing Tom Heil as the new head coach.

Coach Heil had his first coaching job as a Graduate Assistant here at DC, so the transition for him when he came back as a head coach was not as difficult as it would have been for most. He also believes that being able to go to Costa Rica in the summer of 2014 with the team helped the transition happen almost seamlessly.

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Hunger Games ends in Time for the Premier

-Zach Bires

(Defiance, OH) It was not the typical Tuesday night at the George M. Smart Center (The George). It was filled with 70 brave participants, willing to participate in the long awaited real life Hunger Games.

As stated in the previous article, the Hunger Games was an event to help fight and raise awareness for hunger. Throughout the event, there were several facts about hunger, and different video, some humorous and some very serious. The YouTube hit, How Animals Eat was one of the videos, while another was a very meaningful video, showing that 1 in every 7 people around the world go to bed hungry.

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DC Hunger Games

(Defiance, OH) The Hunger Games is a huge hit, starting as a best selling novel then turning into a movie that took the nation by storm. The success of this series has people making references to it everyday. It was no surprise when Senior Lindsay Kasmer, who was rushing for an idea for an event for hunger, saw the movie and instantly knew should make her event follow the Hunger Games.

Lindsay setup the event so students can create teams of 5, who go through both physical and mental tasks, that are loosely based off the movie. Lindsay promised that no events will be lethal. The exact events are being kept a secret until the event because the Hunger Games contestants never knew what they were getting into.

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Alicia Kalik Sets All-time Volleyball Record as Jackets fall to Bluffton

-Emily Denhard

(Defiance, OH) After a game delay due to a bus breakdown match one of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament was able to begin at 3pm on November 8th, 2014. The first match was Defiance College (8-1) against Franklin College (5-4), the second match was Bluffton University (7-2) against Hanover College (6-3) and the Championship match would be played November 9th with the winners of each of the first two matches.

The Yellow Jackets came out slow the first set against the Grizzlies but were able to pull out the win 25-21. The second set the Jackets came out strong winning by eight points. In the final set, the Grizzlies fought back from a large deficit to bring the set within two points but the Yellow Jackets achieved the win to send them to the Championship match. Bree Anderson had 18 out of the 47 team kills for the match.

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