Trevor Baily’s Fight for Recovery

By Kevin Dillinger

Sometimes in the blink of an eye life can change forever. This happened to Defiance highschooler Trevor Bailey on August 29th 2012 when the perfectly healthy sixteen year old had a sudden onset of type 1 diabetes.  The sudden onset sent Trevor into a diabetic coma due to his brain swelling. While doctors were able to save Trevor’s life, the boy suffered significant brain damage. As days passed, Trevor slowly improved and today Trevor is at home and going to school while doing therapy every day.

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Looking Back: The Fires at Defiance College

By Kevin Dillinger

With the fire at McReynolds Hall still hot in the news it seems fit to remember the fires that Defiance College has endured in the past. While the fire in McReynolds Hall is being ruled as arson is a cause for concern, it is important to remember that the fire was relatively minor and confined to the stairwell. The same is not true for many of the fires in the past. Defiance College has had fires in nearly every one of its buildings, including all of its older buildings; the only building that has not been engulfed with flames is Tenser Hall.

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Student Club and Organization Fair: What to Expect

by Kevin Dillinger

As many students may have noticed in their email, the annual Student Club and Organization Fair is going to be taking place Tuesday, January 28th in the McCann Lounge. For those of you who are curious about what this fair is about, I interviewed the Director of Student Activities Nicole Buccalo, the coordinator of the fair.

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Study Tips For Finals


Photo Credit:ginnerobot via Compfight cc


Like it or not dreaded finals are here.  Many students this week here at Defiance College are preparing for the start of finals week which can be stressful. Here are some quick study tips to make it not so stressful.

If you have any good study tips make sure to leave a comment so others can benefit from what works for you!

 Study in Groups              

As attempting it is to study with your friends it might make more sense to study with other students from your class.  When studying with friends it can be too tempting to gossip instead of studying. Then the next thing you know you will be taking an exam you are not ready for.

Study in Chunks

Plan your study time in chunks.  Don’t cram.  Plan to study anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes for each session.  After each study session is complete take a break from 10 to 20 minutes before starting another study session.  This will help keep the material fresh and keep you on track with studying.

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The Future of Internet


(Defiance, Oh) The revolution began last November, with almost no one to witness it.  A technician in a small home in Kansas City, Kansas, plugged a fiber-optic cable from the street into his white wall jack and history was made. The small blue light indicating that there is connection, the first Google Fiber hookup-an ultrahigh-speed gigabit internet service and TV network that runs 100 times faster than garden-variety broadband.

A feature that should have created uproar in most tech companies, but not Google, Google stayed quiet and away from most national media. Google insisted that its investment to make the Kansas City the first fiber-wired zone in the country is nothing more than an experiment rather than an enormous business opportunity.

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Laundry Woes


Laundry can be an unexpected financial burden on students. At Defiance College it cost $2.50 to complete just one load of laundry, which might mean picking between a clean shirt and spending the night out.

If a student does their laundry twice a month then they will find themselves paying $10 a month, which adds up to $90 over the school year; not including the cost of detergents, fabric softener, dryer sheets and other laundry essentials. Of course, depending on how often you do your laundry, you can easily find yourself paying more than $150 on laundry by the end of the school year.

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