Inside the Life of a Graduate Assistant: Ux Edition

– Ben Weber (Defiance, OH)

baseball1We see them around at practice, we see them at the café, and all around campus. They are close to us in age and we look up to them as mentors. Of course I am talking about the sports GAs (Graduate Assistant). Graduate Assistants go above and beyond the role of a student athlete, as they are student coaches who get piled up with school work and on top of their duties as coaches.

Xander Uxley is the current Graduate Assistant for the baseball team, and is on his second year coaching for the Yellow Jackets.

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DC Women Talk Hoops

-Cateyln Fix (Defiance, OH)

Tomorrow, the Defiance Women’s Basketball team is set to start their season going up against powerhouse Hope College at home on Saturday, November 14th with game time starting at 6 p.m. Last season the Yellow Jackets finished 9-16 (overall) and 8-10 in the HCAC. The team is looking to improve their record this year and I spoke with some of our very own Yellow Jackets, Keri Conine, Ashley Williams, and Whitney Schalk to get their thoughts on the upcoming season.

  • DCWB start season play on November 14th against Hope College.

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Late Night Dodgeball

– Ashley Williams (Defiance, OH)

Hello Defiance College community!

We are coming at you with exciting news! DC’s Sport Communication class is hosting the first annual dodgeball tournament fundraiser! That’s right folks, I just said dodgeball!!! So if you enjoyed gym class, this is the event for YOU!

  • Contribute to charity while partaking in a popular gym class pastime!

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DC in The 70’s

-Barb Sedlock

What was DC like in the 1970s?  It was the era of disco, toga parties, the first “Star Wars” movie, student protests, Watergate, the energy crisis, Black Power, Women’s Liberation, and farm workers’ boycotts.

  • A photo that appeared in the April 9, 1970 Crescent-News of the student sit-in in Defiance Hall

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Clown Bar: A Noir Play

-Taylor Haydinger (Defiance, OH)

Presented by the DC Players, Clown Bar is a noir play about an ex-clown named Happy who ventures back into his old life seeking revenge for his brother’s death.  Timmy, Happy’s dead brother.  Blinky, an ex lover of Happy.  Bobo, the boss of the Clown Bar who is now Blinky’s lover.  These character along with a handful of others create a drama filled play with surprises around every turn!  Starring David Brown as Happy, George Roth as Timmy, Mandie Heil as Blinky, Jake Adkins as Bobo and Shotgun, James Young as Dusty, Kristin Sorensen as Popo, Marissa Bramble as Petunia, Jennifer Repka as Giggles, and Taylor Haydinger as Twinkles.  Directed by Miriam Hahn.

Come and become a part of Clown Bar!  Coming to Defiance from November 5-7 at 8PM.  This play is ages 18 and up due to its explicit language.  Obtain your tickets here:

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Fall Treats: Cooking in College

As the leaves change color and fall has arrived, the time for yummy treats has fallen upon us as well. In this article, a few yummy treats will be highlighted and soon you will be able to try them yourself. Two of these recipes can easily done in the microwave and are dorm safe to try. These recipes can be taken on the go as well for an extra snack! These recipes are somethings any one of you may have tried with your family. This a great way to bring your home to DC with loving memories.

  • Get in the season's spirit through cooking that can be done in the residence halls!

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Derreck Kayongo: The Global Soap Project

– Jordan Osborne (Defiance, OH)

Service is a gift that is paid for by compassion and love. Some people are lucky enough to grow up prominently while others struggle to have basic needs. The most heart-warming presentations of compassion come from those who faced adversity and made something of their hardships.

Meet Derreck Kayongo: He was born in Uganda and later fled the country with his parents to escape due to the mass killings and torture occurring in the country. He then transitioned from being a refugee, to a college graduate, and then a United States citizen. 

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