Top Ten Things to Do During Your First Year at Defiance College

Because you might as well get your money’s worth!


Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

1. Go to a Yellow Jacket Sporting Event

Defiance College athletic teams brought home four conference championships during the 2013-2014 school year! As that success is predicted to continue, attending intercollegiate athletic events remain a great way to meet fellow Yellow Jackets, support your peers and classmates while they play, and celebrate our institution’s victories on the field, court, or pool.


Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

2. Travel Domestically

Trips to various locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Birmingham are offered to DC students throughout the year. Not only do these visits provide an opportunity to see locations across the continental United States, but they usually are completely paid for by the school. Nothing beats free food, fun and travel!

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Stratford, Canada Trip to See King Lear

-Amanda Fooce

(Defiance, Oh) On the weekend of September 13th, three students and a group of faculty members travelled to Stratford, Canada to experience the Stratford Festival and watch a performance of King Lear, a Shakespeare tragedy about royal families, deception, and love. The show starred Colm Feore, who has had numerous roles in movies including Thor, as King Laufey.

The group was taken on a backstage tour of the Festival Theatre and learned about everything that goes into making productions, from costumes, to set changes and props. A show of this magnitude is expected to cost over one million dollars!

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Fall Film Preview

-Andrew Foore

(Defiance, Oh) After completing the first couple weeks of school and settling down into your class schedules, you may now recognize the open opportunities you have for entertainment. This fall will see the release of many great blockbuster hits, but three are especially exciting!

The local theatre, Northtowne Cinema 9, will be releasing and showing many of the highly anticipated movies this semester. This theatre is located at 1500 N. Clinton St. in Defiance and can be easily accessed at several points throughout the mall.

Many notable movies coming out this fall to be aware of are The Maze Runner, Interstellar, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

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New Group Meets On Campus

-Nathan Height

(Defiance, Oh) Is it more effective to lead a nation through fear and control or by implementing compassion and understanding in the leadership process? Where does the line of forgiveness end and the point of punishment begin?

These tough philosophical questions were asked this past Wednesday as Defiance College’s newest discussion group which met at President Gordon’s house.

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Heartbreaker in The Fort

-Zach Weaver

(Defiance, Oh) Defiance (0-3) falls to Mount St. Joseph, Oh (1-2) on Saturday September 20, the Yellow Jackets defense was able to come up with two turnovers including an interception by Andrew Feldhaus and a recovered fumble on a muffled punt return.

Defiance was looking to start conference play off on a winning note after being defeated in the previous two weeks. The defense played as strong as usual having to play without senior defensive end Daniel Bauta, senior linebacker Erick Strickland, and sophomore defensive back Jerald Helm.

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Despite Big Defensive Plays, Defiance Falls to Center

-Zach Weaver

(Defiance, Oh) Defiance College (0-2) falls to Center College, Ky (2-0) on Saturday September 13, but three Jackets came up with over 10 tackles: Andrew Feldhaus, 15, Josh Slayton, 11, Eric Strickland, 10.

After a tough fought loss last week, the Defiance College Yellow Jackets looked to bounce back and come out strong against Centre College. The team was struck with injuries to both the first and second string Quarterbacks, Alex Larson and Andrew Prelipp, leaving senior, Garrett Teague, to command the offense.

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Choking Game

-McCaulley Potts

(Defiance, Oh) There have been a lot of dumb and/or silly things teens and even younger ages have participated in, including huffing, purple drank, planking, overdosing on supplements. These events, while always “harmless” can have life altering endings.

The one that seems to be hitting the youth pretty hard lately in the United States is the choking game. Also known as the fainting game, space monkey and other wide range of slang terms such as Pass-out game, Space monkey, Suffocation roulette, Fainting game, etc. The choking game refers to cutting off oxygen to the brain with the goal of inducing temporary syncope, passing out, and euphoria, a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. This can leave the person with brain damage, kill brain cells, lead to stroke, and even cause death.

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