DC Football Homecoming Weekend

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-Zach Weaver

(Defiance, Oh) Defiance College (1-5) vs. Rose-Hulman (5-1) The Defiance College Yellow Jackets fought hard but still were handed defeat by the Engineers of Rose-Hulman this past weekend.

Both the offense and defense of the Yellow Jackets put up strong stats throughout the game. The offense stacked up seven plays for over 10 yards and two plays for over 20 yards. They also were 2/2 in the redzone and had 17 first downs.

The defense was able to make 9 stops on third down and also made a couple of stops on fourth down,giving the ball back to the offense. They racked up seven tackles for a loss and three sacs.

In the second quarter Defiance strikes first after Garrett Teague runs it in on the goal line. The score was set up by a fourth down conversion and two completions from Alex Larson to Cody Wilson which covered nearly 50 yards, Defiance would lead 6-0.

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McReynolds Renovations

-Jared Feffer

(Defiance, Oh) Residents of McReynolds Hall will be hearing the sounds of construction once again during the school year. In an interview with Sammi Stevens, McReynolds Hall Director, there was much information shared regarding the renovations.

The renovations started once again during the week of September 22. The process has started off slow because of other campus projects, but the hope is the pace will pick up later. The renovations have started on the second floor in the south wing, with two rooms being renovated at a time.

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Yik Yak, Should I Talk Back?

-Marissa Bramble

(Defiance, Oh) Social networking is a huge part of college. Everyone loves to check in and see who’s doing what when. Social networking is a great way to stay connected with the people around you and your friends and family back home. However, the hardest thing is keeping up with what’s new and what’s in.

Now let’s introduce Yik Yak, Yik Yak is a completely anonymous app. It has become the new big thing on the East and West Coast, the Yik Yak Company is even touring all down the East Coast with their mascot in tow.

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Winter, Harsh or Mild?

-Christopher Grubb

(Defiance, Oh) A lot of people are considering this year, 2014-2015, to be a harsher winter than last year, 2013-2014. So I looked at few sources and did some research about this winter’s outlook.

Looking back at last winter, from the most accurate resource, Toledo saw 84.8 inches of snowfall, making it was the snowiest winter in Toledo’s history! It was the 5th coldest winter in Toledo history, with an average temperature of 20.4 degrees fahrenheit.

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Les Misérables comes to Defiance!

-Kailin Regutti

(Defiance, Oh) Attention Defiance College students, faculty and staff: don’t forget to save the time and date of 7:00 p.m. on October 15th. Be sure to sure to write it in your planners and mark it on your Google calendars.

On this special day, the dress rehearsal for the musical performance Les Mis, starring many faces on campus, will be the only night where college students, faculty and staff get free admission if you bring your Defiance College ID. The musical is performed at the community auditorium in the Defiance Junior High School located at 629 Arabella St., right off of South Clinton St.

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I AM… Destroying Stereotypes

- Kailin Regutti

(Defiance, Oh) Thursday, October 2nd Jordan Heilinger, director of The Service Leader Program, and her service leaders launched the “I AM” wall in the Hive, located in Hubbard Hall. The Service Leader Program partnered with the Diversity Council in the creation of the wall, igniting the kick start to the “Everybody Matters Campaign.”

The “I AM” wall originated from the ideas of an eighth grade class in Madison, Alabama. It started off as a student project in a language arts class in collaboration with S.E. Hinton’s book The Outsiders and ways to shatter stereotypes in society.

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