From the Archives: Thanksgiving Dinner, 2002

The Serrick Center was still new when this Thanksgiving dinner took place in 2002.  Professor Harper is in the center (under the TV) serving drinks to students.  Don’t forget to partake in this year’s Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday Nov. 17 at 5:00PM. From Barb Sedlock, Archival Librarian

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Tips for Contacting Potential Employers via Email and Phone Call

At this point in the lives of college students, finding internships and working towards a career is very important. Students are learning to be professional, make connections and network, and reach out to potential employers that could determine their future life course. The following are a few tips to make

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From The Archives: Home Economics Class, 1929?

This photo was just donated to the Archives in the last few days. It’s of a Home Economics laboratory class at DC, probably in 1929. DC’s Home Ec course listings in the 1929/30 catalog included sewing, cooking, child care, and homemaking classes, and the students also had to take biology

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Stone Soup

On October 6th, the Arts and Humanities departments hosted its “Stone Soup” event, which is hosted annually. The event consisted of food, intellectual conversations, and drinks. The turnout for such a small event and space was pretty large for the maximum of people being in the space at once being

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From The Archives: Before it was Hubbard Hall

Here’s a student reading in a lounge area of the old Library (now Hubbard Hall) in 1966.  This lounge area was where the Hive is now–the emergency exit door in the background is behind the Hive’s kitchen.  The student is facing the large glass doors behind the curtains, which led

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From The Archives: 1888 Graduating Class

This is a copy of a photo of Defiance College’s first graduating class in 1888.  Mrs. Moll, the lady second from right in the back row, loaned the original to the college to be published in the August 1955 issue of the Alumni News.  You can learn more about Defiance

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Balto Wolf Quest: A Throwback Film Review

People tend to look negatively upon sequels, especially animated sequels as being inferior to the original product. This isn’t without reason, as sequels are often pushed out the door with far less thought and effort then the movies that spawned them, with executives attempting to milk as much viewership out

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