Whisper, What’s Your Secret?

-Marissa Bramble

(Defiance, Oh) Whisper is the latest, greatest app to make its way onto the Defiance College campus. Something about being able to appear anonymous to peers has really spiked the interest in many of the students on this campus!

What has got Defiance College students going crazy over this app? It could be the fact that it is a great place to share secrets with the world, or more specifically, with the people around you.

Maybe it’s the thrill of having a juicy enough secret that it could end up on the popular page for millions to see. Even better yet, it could be the fact that you can finally get whatever you want off your chest and not feel vulnerable because your name isn’t attached to a possibly embarrassing secret.

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October Date

-Emily Denhard

Love is a beautiful thing to experience and for many of us, we have a significant other. Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to go on a date? It’s a chance to create new memories and go on a new adventure with someone you know whether you just met or have been together for some time.

Unfortunately there is a major problem, we are broke college students. However, with a little bit of creativity you can plan a great date, that doesn’t involve going to the movies again, for $10 or less!

It is now October and that means that fall is in full bloom. With that being said, it is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the scent and feeling of fall before the frigid winter weather sets in. A perfect date exists in the open air, rather than inside a building.

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Whitney Pumpkin Patch, What is it?

-Zack Bires

(Defiance, Oh) Pumpkin picking, haunted houses, scary movies, trick-or-treating, or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” whatever your traditions are for October there is a very unique opportunity offered here on campus.

The Whitney Pumpkin Patch is something that has been a tradition for more than 4 years here at Defiance College. It is where the college opens up Whitney Hall and allows little goblins and ghosts, from the community, to come and trick-or-treat.

The College advertises the Pumpkin Patch by passes out flyers to businesses, leaves flyers on windshields, and advertising through different community organizations.

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-Zack Bires

Freshman Sam Kessler, Ashton King, and Katie McGlacken study their various subjects in study tables.

Freshman Sam Kessler, Ashton King, and Katie McGlacken study their various subjects in study tables.

(Defiance, Oh) Everyone who has visited the Pilgrim Library has seen the study tables in session. They were not always like this; they used to be a free for all. There was no scheduled times and, consequently, little work was accomplished. Then, Lisa Crumit-Hancock took over Student Academic Support Services, SASS, and felt there needed to be a change.

Lisa wanted these study tables to be in a general area near the Learning Commons, Computer Lab, and the librarians, so the students were able to have every resource right at their fingertips. SASS then received a grant from OFIC, and began what we see as today’s study tables.

Structured study today is required by most sports teams, but one does not have to be a student athlete to be a part of structured study. If you want to schedule hours as you would classes, and hold yourself accountable, then feel free sign up. Signing up for hours gives the student a specific time every day to where he or she can set aside to do homework with little to no distractions.

To sign up, visit Lisa’s office directly behind the structured study check in desk.

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Defiance Volleyball Just Keeps Rolling

-Daiton Lemmon

volleyball_pic(Defiance, Ohio) The Defiance College volleyball team closed homecoming weekend on a high note extending their win streak to 16 matches while snapping Hanover’s 3 match win streak winning in 4 games.

With the win the Yellow Jackets improved their record to 15-10 and remained undefeated in the HCAC with a 6-0 mark and dropped the Panthers of Hanover to 13-14 overall and 4-2 in the HCAC.

The Yellow Jackets took control of the match early led by Senior Bree Anderson with a big kill for the first point, her first of seventeen kills on the day.

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DC Football Homecoming Weekend

Football Homecoming Score Board2Football Homecoming Random Play2

-Zach Weaver

(Defiance, Oh) Defiance College (1-5) vs. Rose-Hulman (5-1) The Defiance College Yellow Jackets fought hard but still were handed defeat by the Engineers of Rose-Hulman this past weekend.

Both the offense and defense of the Yellow Jackets put up strong stats throughout the game. The offense stacked up seven plays for over 10 yards and two plays for over 20 yards. They also were 2/2 in the redzone and had 17 first downs.

The defense was able to make 9 stops on third down and also made a couple of stops on fourth down,giving the ball back to the offense. They racked up seven tackles for a loss and three sacs.

In the second quarter Defiance strikes first after Garrett Teague runs it in on the goal line. The score was set up by a fourth down conversion and two completions from Alex Larson to Cody Wilson which covered nearly 50 yards, Defiance would lead 6-0.

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McReynolds Renovations

-Jared Feffer

(Defiance, Oh) Residents of McReynolds Hall will be hearing the sounds of construction once again during the school year. In an interview with Sammi Stevens, McReynolds Hall Director, there was much information shared regarding the renovations.

The renovations started once again during the week of September 22. The process has started off slow because of other campus projects, but the hope is the pace will pick up later. The renovations have started on the second floor in the south wing, with two rooms being renovated at a time.

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