Falling in Love with You

Have you ever found yourself in an unfamiliar spot in life and didn’t quite know how to deal with it? Is this normal or am I the only one going through it?  Recently, I’ve found myself faced with situations and emotions that I’d never had to deal with before and attempting to dive right in was probably not the best idea. After some serious reconsideration, I decided to get my thoughts out the best way I know how (writing) and proceed from there. Here’s what I came up with to guide through life’s uncertainties!

By now, although knowing for quite some time, I’ve finally comprehended the fact that life can and will throw things your way simply to throw you off. Knowing this information, sitting around and waiting to be hit can go hand in hand with diving right in as probably not the best idea. I know, I know. I can see you asking yourself, “How am I supposed to do anything else when I don’t even know what is coming my way?” Well, my good old friend Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” As college students, I feel as if we can all agree that the scariest tests are the ones that you don’t have time to prepare for and the ones that you don’t know what to prepare. Have you ever had that one professor that gave you minimal information regarding the exam, forcing you to be prepared for whatever? Life is very much the same way. With tests challenging your relationships, mental health, finances, etc., it’s important to remember that the main subject is you and the more you know about the subject, the better prepared for the test you’ll be!

“Spend a little time with me, get to know me, and fall in love.” -Nate Hicks

Taking that philosophy and applying it to yourself has such great potential to be life changing! Having boyfriends, girlfriends, and relationships with people in general is amazing and makes life a little easier and I’m sure you realize the amount of work those take to remain healthy. What if you put an equal, if not more, amount of time and effort into yourself? Throughout life, things change, people change, and feelings change too. Another thing that won’t remain the same is you. As a constantly growing individual it’s important to stay up to date with yourself and care for yourself accordingly and everything else will fall into place. Oh, and you just might fall in love.

You are a beautiful creation made differently than literally everyone else on the planet. Knowing that, it’s crucial to understand and accept that everyone is going through something different, experiencing, interacting, and interpreting life differently and you can’t judge yourself (or others) based on your perception of someone else’s life, status, position, beauty, etc. Love yourself!

“Being in love with yourself isn’t always loving everything about yourself, it’s accepting yourself and knowing and understanding what you need to work on to change and grow.” -Tess Homier MSW, LISW-S

When you know yourself, it makes loving yourself, through this bittersweet (maybe more bitter than sweet) and baffling life, so much easier. Give it a try. You’re worth it.

Written by Nate Hicks

Healthy Lifestyles: Advocare 10-Day Cleanse

Have you heard about the healthy cleanse taking campus by storm? Many students and faculty around campus have began to take part in the Advocare 10 day cleanse. With that said, students have began to incorporate the Smart Center, a healthy diet, and Advocare products into their daily life. The product is said to help your body free waste and absorb nutrients. The cleanse includes a probiotic, and herbal cleanse tablet, and Advocare fiber. All of these three ingredients are said to be a key to fuel your body and is the beginning of many diets and healthy eating plans.

One student on campus recently finished the cleanse. Raychel Ramos stated that the cleanse, “helped her body get rid of all toxins.” The cleanse is directed to be taken twice a day with fiber supplements. Additionally, she said, “it made her feel better while also being more confident.” Furthermore, Raychel stated, “even though I’m not an athlete this cleanse gave me confidence to go to the gym to see better results.” In comparison,  Sydney Zeuch, a student athlete on campus talked about her Advocare experience. She has recently started the cleanse and is now on her third day. Her experience is similar to Raychel’s. Sydney stated that, “ I started the cleanse because I want to start healthy eating and I hope this cleanse will help start that process.” She also talked about other Advocare products that she enjoys using. Sydney stated, “ I mix the fiber supplement with Advocare Spark which is a healthy source of energy.” Both students recommend this product if you are wanting to change your eating habits and start a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

The New and Improved Hive!

Can you believe that within just a few short years, The Hive has gone from something to nothing at all to bigger and better than ever before?! For some, now is all you know, but for others, particularly upperclassmen, change has been a beautiful thing. Now, aside from the everyday café food, Dominos, and Biggby, Defiance College faculty, staff, and students can enjoy a delicious variety of handcrafted burgers and other entrees. Not only that, but 41 North, a coffee shop within The Hive, offers an assortment of frozen, iced, and hot beverages to please the palate that are, in the expressed opinions of MANY across campus, better than Biggby! Have you stopped in to give them a try?

A part of the overall experience is the privilege of interacting with and getting to know some, if not all, of the fun, personable, and friendly staff that whip up what you need. Jasmine (pictured left) and John (pictured right) are two staff members who enjoy their jobs. Favorite aspects of the job include the variety of things they get to do so it’s not mundane as well as the overall positive environment, atmosphere, attitude, and energy of the students, but what about beyond work? Getting to know someone is more than just about what they know and like about you. If you’d ever like to surprise one of them with their own supply, here’s a little secret. Jasmine adores the Green Teazy Frozenta, and John dreams about the mozzarella sticks. If you ever catch either of them outside of The Hive, chances are Jasmine is working on music or photography, and John is probably playing video games.

With The Hive being so popular, the staff gets to be an impacting part of campus life on a daily basis. Whether it’s by making someone smile with a nice comment, laugh with a funny one, or with simply amazing skills behind the counter, Jasmine and John are prime examples of what it means to embody and enjoy a life experience and to leave an impact where they are. I encourage you to stop in and not only enjoy a pleasant meal or snack, but get to know some of the cool people you have the opportunity to be around daily and who work so hard to create that inviting atmosphere that keeps calling you back.

Written by Nate Hicks

DC Welcomes Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach Gonzalo Vivas

As of January 9th, 2017, Defiance College has a new Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, Mr. Gonzalo Vivas. And while he’s new to campus, he sure isn’t new to the tennis world. A Huntington University alum with coaching experience at Indiana Tech University, The Defender sat Coach Vivas down for a proper introduction.


Where are you from?

Vivas: I was born in Lima, Peru and that’s when I started playing tennis and then I came to the United States where I went to Huntington University and continued my tennis career. After playing at Huntington I was an assistant coach and I also coached in Fort Wayne with Empowered Sports.


What did you major in while you were at Huntington?

Coach Vivas: I double majored in Business Management and Small Business Management.


Even though you have been here for a short time, what’s your favorite thing about Defiance College so far?

Coach Vivas: The small school atmosphere and the one on one with getting to know my players and the staff and faculty.


What are you most excited about for the men’s tennis season?

Coach Vivas: The growth that we will see as a team. We have been working for three weeks now and lots of changes and how we have grown in the game and as a team.


What’s your favorite part about coaching?

Coach Vivas: The fact that I get to interact with players, not only help them on the court but off the court as well as a mentorship role.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Coach Vivas: One of the reasons I applied for this job is because my wife wanted to move closer to Toledo because that is where her family is. My wife and I also have Irish twin girls.


If you see Coach Vivas on campus make sure you introduce yourself and welcome him to Defiance College. And make sure to catch a Men’s Tennis match this spring as they enter their outdoor season!


-Go Jackets-


Written by Sydney Unger

The 17th Annual Empty Bowls

Last Thursday, February 16th from 4:30-7:00 p.m. the Defiance College Social Work Organization hosted the 17th annual Empty Bowls event. Empty Bowls took place at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 111 Elliott Road, Defiance. Admission was $12 which includes a handmade bowl from Brandon Knott and $8 for children 12 and under. However, DC students with their ID’s could attend for only $8. Empty Bowls is an organized event that raises money to help feed the local homeless and donates all proceeds to the local PATH Center.

The DC Social Work Organization members in charge of this event consist of Junior Social Work majors. During their class time, the organization has met to plan and discuss holding Empty Bowls. Some of the duties assigned to the members include calling or visiting local businesses for donations. In addition, many nearby towns such as Ft. Wayne and Bryan also make donations for the event. Some of the donations include: breads, soups, desserts, and drinks. This year’s donations for soup have doubled from last year to 150 gallons of soup. Brandon Knott, a Defiance College Alumnus, has also made more bowls.  The Social Work Organization is expecting 600 to 700 people to attend this years event. Lastly, Empty Bowls has volunteers from campus organizations, local businesses, and Defiance County helping with the event.

Mackenzie Combs, a Junior Social Work major, has helped plan Empty Bowls two years now. She talked about the event and all of the members involved have said that compared to other years everyone has come together to work like a well oiled machine. When asked how being involved with Empty Bowls makes her feel she said, “Seeing everyone excited and come together to support this event not only as a college, but as a community solidifies one of the many reasons why I want to be a social worker.” Sarah Kaya, another Social Work student, said, “I’m excited to see what our total proceeds will be this year because this event will benefit so many great people of the community and allow the PATH Center to continue to serve the community.” The Junior class would like to thank everyone who has contributed to make Empty Bowls a success.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

Chamber Singers Community Showcase

Last Saturday afternoon, February 4, the DC Chamber Singers put on a showcase, as they have for Valentine’s Day for the past five years. This time was a little different. Rather than simply performing for the college, they performed for the community. The Skylark Youth Center were the hosts of this event, and it was a family date night. Many families were there from around the Defiance area, all dolled up for the event. Performers included Jordan Osborne, Laurel Mann, Erin Conner, Clarie Turner, Mandie Heil, Jenni Repka, Taylor Haydinger, Nate Hicks, and our very own director and pianist, Jim and Hannah Watson. The songs performed ranged from Ed Sheeran to Shinedown to Elton John, but that did not stop all the kids from dancing and singing along, whether they knew the words or not. The night included not only singing by the Chamber Singers, but also refreshments, face-painting, and a dance to end off the night. While the Chamber Singers will be putting on another showcase on February 24, this showcase was extra special.

New Faculty: Dr. Jim Watson

Many of my days here at DC start off or end with a trip to Schauffler which is where I am currently writing right now. Many music students find ourselves here very often, especially in 117. There is one person though that I see more often than not and that is Dr. Jim Watson.

Dr. Jim has only been with us for a semester. He moved up here from South Carolina with his wife, Hannah and his two kids, Ben and Kate. He just recently received his doctorate from the University of South Carolina in Choral Conducting. I have had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Jim through working for him, being in Chamber Singers, Choral Union, Marching Band, and Pep Band. Dr. Jim or Dr. Lavender as the band kids call him( if you want to know why he is called that join the band) is a great director.

I have learned quite a bit from taking a few of his classes. He is extremely passionate about music and it shows. Many times when I have went up to his office for a meeting he will tell me that he wants to show me something. He will pull up something about music or tell me a fun fact about a piece we are doing and his eyes just light up. He puts in countless hours in order to help us succeed. He truly cares about each one of us. Countless times when I am getting ready to leave for the night Dr. Jim has told me to have a safe trip back to Stryker which is where I live. Many people don’t remember those kinds of details. He also has a unique sense of humor.

The band decided to give him a prank gift at the end of the season. Dr. Jim would always tell us that he spent thousands of dollars on his hands, that we should watch them, and then he would proceed to laugh. We gave him some golden gloves to protect his golden hands and he started to laugh when we gave them to him.

Overall it takes a pretty special person to be able to be at the helm of an entire music program, choral and instrumental included. He has done a great job with us so far and I am looking forward to seeing where the programs go from here. If you want to learn more about Dr. Jim, don’t be afraid to go say hi to him at his office in Schauffler 210 or join one of the ensembles. Dr. Jim, if you are reading this, thank you for all that you have done and will do for these programs. It means a lot to us.

Written by Keira Grandey