An Interview with The Women’s Basketball Team

Basketball season is around the corner. In light of that, let’s take a look back on
last years Defiance women’s basketball season and what they plan to accomplish this
year! Last year, the women worked hard and made it to the conference tournament.
They did not have the season they had hoped for, and they faced a lot of diversity, but
through it all still accomplished a goal they set out for. I sat down with a couple of the
players and their coach, Jessica (Cox) Morris, to find out what changes they plan to
make to bring this team to a winning season.

Q: Do you feel prepared for this season?

-Brittany Osborne: Yes, I feel like once practice starts here in 2 weeks,
everything will fall together

-Sam Ervin: Yes

-Erica Smay: Yes, I am excited and looking forward to my final season and
holding nothing back.

Q: How do you feel about last season?

-BO: We completed one of our goals we’ve had for a couple years, which was
conference. So I feel good about that, but we still need to keep working.

-SE: It wasn’t ideal but we made conference.

Coach Cox: Happy that we made the conference tournament, it was an
experience we needed to have. I am not thrilled with the overall performance.

Q: What are some skills you worked on in the offseason?

-BO: I worked on driving and shooting 3’s. I want to be more aggressive when it
comes to finishing at the basket and also expand my shooting range.

-SE: I worked on handling the ball more, and outside shooting.

-ES: Mainly more pull-up moves and driving compared to staying on the
perimeter. Also defensive quickness.

Q: What are some of goals you plan to focus on for this upcoming season?

-BO: As a team, we are focusing on our offense and executing our plays.

-SE: A team goal, win conference. My personal goals are to average double
digits and to have better post moves.

-ES: Our team goal is to win conference and I feel like it is a very achievable goal
we lacked experience for in the past. My personal goal is to hold whoever I am
defending to less than their average score, and to use my knowledge and experience to
reach my potential.

-CC: Our goal is to win conference and play the way we are capable of playing,

Q: Do you feel that the girls are well prepared for this season, given the
experience of this year’s team?

-ES: From open gyms, we have worked well together. We have leaders among
the group and underclassmen who are very quick to adapt. We are focused on our
abilities as a team.

-CC: For the first time, it is nice to say that we have experience. I have high
expectations for what this team can accomplish this year.

With a conference appearance last year, it is clear this team has one common
mindset when it comes to this season: they are hungry for a conference championship.
With the experience the team this year has, they believe they can show the school and
the conference what they are capable of. This seems to be building up to be a season
of grit and grind, leave it all on the court basketball. With high expectations for this
season, they are going to need more than just the will to win alone. The home opener is
set for Saturday, December 3rd in a conference matchup with Franklin college, with
another two home games to follow on the 7th and 10th, conference matchups as well. It
is setting up to be a solid season for Defiance College Women’s Basketball!

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