Streaming Services Popular Among Defiance College Students

Throughout today’s generation of college students, a common enjoyable past-time that appears to be shared among the majority is watching streaming services, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or now, Disney Plus. Each of these programs charges viewers a monthly fee to gain access to a multitude of movies, shows, and documentaries. Even though each of the programs are watched by students on campus, not all of them are seen as worthy of equal praise.

Ever since its creation, Netflix has prospered to be one of the most well-known streaming services. With a monthly fee starting at only $9.00 a month, Netflix is undeniably an affordable option for college students. In fact, Netflix appears to be extremely popular amongst students at Defiance College in comparison to the other options. Many of those who are users of Netflix, admitted to having tried Hulu and Amazon only to later revert back to Netflix. One student stated that “with Netflix, you get more for your money.”

Aside from Netflix, another popular streaming service is Hulu. Like Netflix, viewers have access to a variety of showings. However, with Hulu, starting at around $7.00, subscribers are only able to watch a portion of movies and shows, unless they purchase “add-on” packages. This can be a concern for college students who don’t always have the means to make such purchases. Although, several have claimed that Hulu is worth it, given that Hulu provides episodes within several days of when they first air on TV, whereas Netflix doesn’t add them until around a year later.

Amazon Prime is yet another option for streaming. A Prime subscription costs around $9.00, but one special feature offered by Amazon is the prime student discount, making the required payment only $6.49 monthly. With their Prime membership, users have access to a gallery of free movies and shows, however, they also have access to plenty of other options if they choose to pay for that movie or show.

The newest streaming platform to spark interest is Disney Plus. For about $7.00 per month, Disney Plus provides its viewers with nearly every Disney classic one can imagine–from Bambi to Hannah Montana. This source of streaming is least common among students on campus because it was just released and not many have made the purchase yet. However, several students have described it as “well worth the money,” and an “obsession.” Unlike the other streaming programs, Disney Plus showcases the childhood nostalgia that today’s generation of students knows and loves, which is what makes those who have it extremely fond of it.

A vast amount of the students on campus use at least one, if not more of these streaming services. However, more appear to favor Netflix over other options.

Students have shared that they are more satisfied with the selections available on Netflix and appreciate the fact that the monthly rate of $9.00 grants them access to the entirety of what Netflix has available. Several, who have tried one or more streaming sources, also agree with this statement.

Regardless of which type of streaming service one prefers, it is evident that the quality of each of these programs is promising, especially to the students here at Defiance College.

Written by: Trisha Baldwin

What To Do in Defiance This Weekend??

Some of you may be wondering what there is to do in Defiance on these snow-covered winter days.  Well, this upcoming weekend has a lot of exciting events planned.

One event you can be involved with is the Student Veterans of America Organization. They are putting together Thanksgiving care packages for veterans. The organization is asking for donations of perishable food items and/or cash donations. They would like the care packages to have everything to make a full dinner and will include a voucher that can be turned into Jacob’s Meats for a turkey. They are asking for items such as dehydrated instant potato flakes, canned milk, canned vegetables, cake mixes, and canned cranberry sauce. Donations can be taken to Defiance Hall 105 no later than Friday, November 22nd. Their goal is 12 complete dinners. So get out and get shopping!

The community is invited to the Elks Lodge #147 for Bingo Night happening on Friday, November 22, 2019. Doors open at 6:00 pm and Bingo starts at 7:00 pm. Some prizes are 32″ tv, gift cards, home decor, and miscellaneous gift baskets.  Come out for a cheap night of fun and win prizes. There will also be a bake sale. The Elks lodge is located at 1760 Jefferson Ave in Defiance.

Another event going on this weekend is the Intramural Turkey Shootout. It was supposed to take place this weekend on Sunday, November 17th, but it was moved back to next weekend on November 24th due to meeting conflicts. If you are interested in participating, all you need to do is turn in a team roster by Friday, November 22nd.

If that’s not enough of basketball, the men’s basketball team takes on Kent State – Tuscarawas on Friday, November 22nd at 5:30 pm at Thomas Moore. Then on  Saturday, November 23rd at 1 pm, they will compete against Akron-Wayne Warriors in the Conner Classic Tournament.

Women’s basketball also plays on the 23rd against the St. Mary Belles at 1 pm in Notre Dame, Indiana.

In other sports news, wrestling faces Baldwin Wallace away on Saturday, November 23rd. These games may be away, but you should definitely check out their live stream if you can’t make it. Go yellow jackets!!

On Friday, November 22nd from 7:30-9 pm, the Young People’s Theatre is presenting the Wizard of Oz. It will be held at the Stroede Center for the Arts. Tickets are $5 at the door and the performance will have you thinking “I’m not in Defiance anymore.” For more info, visit their page here:

Written by: Jordan Furko

A Night Without a Home


On October 24th, Defiance College set up “A Night Without a Home” which had the biggest turnout to date.

“We’re appreciative of service leaders and you could tell the coaches had encouraged the athletic teams to attend,” Alesia Yakos-Brown, Associate Professor of Social Work at Defiance College, said. “This was probably the most students we’ve ever had.”

Yakos-Brown is the organizer of “A Night Without a Home”. “The main goal is to raise awareness for homelessness,” said Yakos-Brown. There were several events that were scheduled that evening, such as soup kitchen, tent city tours, opening remarks by President Richanne Mankey and Mayor Michael McCann, Q&A for formerly homeless, and trick or treat.

In a brochure provided by Yakos-Brown from PATH, Partnership Assistance to the Homeless elaborates more on what goals were. “A Night Without A Home provides an opportunity to discuss, think, and learn about homelessness through several interactive events and activities sponsored by The PATH Center of Northwestern Ohio Community.”

PATH talks about what the event did for the homeless. “Tents will be displayed on the front lawn of Defiance College’s campus to represent the homeless individuals and families who received emergency shelter services from The PATH Center.”

“You could fill five football stadiums with the homeless population of the United States.” Another fact that was provided was, “every year, 2.5 million children experience homelessness. That’s almost the entire population of Chicago.”

Written by: Seth Pearson

Opp Shop: ‘Opp’ and Running

Project 701’s Opp Shop is back this year and is ready to help anyone that needs to rent business casual or professional clothing for career fairs and job interviews.

Run by Ryleah Amspaugh, a Service Leader and Senior Criminal Justice and Psychology Major, the Opp Shop is focused on helping people “within our own campus as well as within our (broader) Defiance community.”

In the email, she claims that the Opp Shop has “Over 600 articles of business casual/professional clothing for students and community members to rent out for free.” Later she added. “We’ve got clothes, but also belts, shoes, ties, even hangers if you need those.”

As far as turnout goes, Amspaugh said that it varied. “In my Sophomore year, we only had about seven people I was aware of, but last year we had over 35.”

According to the page on, the Opp Shop is also partnered with the Office of Career Development, giving people “Additional help with their resume and practice interviews.”

Amspaugh has some plans for the future of the Opp Shop, as well. “We want to start setting up some workshops sometime soon, like showing people how to dry clean, iron clothes, or tie a tie.”

The first meeting for the Opp Shop this year was October 1st at 8 pm in Dana Hall, and Amspaugh mentions that anyone can help out and that they are viable hours for Service Leaders in need of volunteer hours.

The Opp Shop falls under the umbrella of Project 701, which is described on as “an exciting, student-run, nonprofit organization that is unique to Defiance. It is an extraordinary opportunity open to all DC students to learn how to develop a service or business directly related to your area of study.” Project 701 provides a framework for a project that could benefit the community, either for the Defiance College or the Defiance community, as a greater whole.

The Opp Shop works out of the basement of Dana Hall on the Defiance College campus and operates through scheduled meetings set up by email with Amspaugh at

Written by: Camrin Santchi

Winter in Ohio

Winter is coming.  

Justin Caballero, a junior marketing major, is from Tampa, Florida. “The coldest I’ve ever seen it (in Florida) is 30 degrees,” Caballero said.

“It was the hardest thing to overcome. I didn’t want to leave my room at all during the winter. I wasn’t prepared for the cold that Ohio has.” Caballero said.

There are students all around Defiance College that are new to the cold months in Ohio. Some people are from Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

Brian Robins, a freshman education major, is from Fort Worth, Texas. “Texas is hot, very hot, and dry, but it’s not very humid,” Robins said. “The lowest I’ve ever experienced in the wintertime is 20 degrees.”

In Ohio, the winters are far colder than in Texas. For example, according to, on January 31st, 2019, in Ohio, there was a high of two degrees and a low of -11 degree. In Fort Worth, Texas, it was a low of 38 degrees and a high of 55 degrees.

It can be challenging for people from the South to adjust to the Ohio weather, but there are some ways to make it through.

“I’m going to prepare by getting a lot of winter clothes soon and just bundling up,” Robins said.

“I called my mom and told her that I actually need a coat and boots, hoodies, and shoes are not going to cut it,” Caballero said. “She had to send me a whole care package with a coat and timberlands and long sleeves to get by.”

According to, the first day that we have a chance of seeing snow on November 20th. Good luck!

Written by: Seth Pearson

The Democratic Presidential Debates

  • The debate hall

The Democratic Presidential debates happened last week in Westerville, Ohio, on the campus of Otterbein College.  This Democratic Presidential debate had 12 candidates that met the qualifications to participate – the most ever at one time on stage.  

They were: Former Vice President Joe Biden, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, businessman Tom Steyer, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and businessman Andrew Yang 

During the debate, there were no formal questions concerning college-aged students, which was surprising as it was held on a college campus, and many of the 1500+ attendees were college students.  

However, During a question about the economy, Sanders and Warren agreed on free public college for everyone, whereas Mayor Pete agreed to “making college free for low- and middle-income students.”   

Warren and Sanders also spoke on student loan debt forgiveness.  

Sanders remarked, “you’ve got hundreds of thousands of kids who cannot afford to go to college, and millions struggling with the oppressive burden of student debt,” and he plans on “making public colleges and universities tuition fee and canceling student debt.”  

Warren’s plans, stated during the debate, are more expansive. She wants to “provide universal childcare for every baby in this country, age zero to five, universal pre-K for every child, raise the wages of every childcare worker and preschool teacher in America, provide for universal tuition-free college, put $50 billion into historically black colleges and universities… and [to] cancel  student loan debt for 95 percent of the people who have it.” 

Most questions focused on President Trump, the economy, gun laws, the opioid crisis, and women’s rights. Breaking up monopolies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook were also discussed.  

An unexpected question at the end of the debate was about Ellen and her unlikely friendship with former President George W. Bush.  

Anderson Cooper asked the candidates, “Last week, Ellen DeGeneres was criticized after she and former President George W. Bush were seen laughing together at a football game. Ellen defended their friendship, saying, we’re all different, and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK that we’re all different. So, in that spirit, we’d like you to tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impact it’s had on you and your beliefs.” 

Most candidates came up with the name of a friend that was unexpected and discussed that friendship while a few spoke about general friendships and how important it is to create friendships with people who are different.  

Written By: April Johnson

Politics in the Cafe: Ukraine Scandal

In the past weeks, the media has been buzzing about a scandal between President Donald J Trump and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but has the Defiance College Campus been buzzing?  

 –No, not really.  

 Santana Villarreal, a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer aiming for his MBA, commented that “I never heard much about this scandal, I don’t follow politics.”  

 Nate Hall, a Junior Business and Education major, expressed surprise at this scandal. “I haven’t watched the news much, I’ve been focusing on other things.” He said, showing that students have not been paying attention to this scandal involving the U.S. and Ukraine.   

 The scandal began, according to a New York Times story printed in May 1st edition, as “a foreign policy role Joseph R. Biden Jr. enthusiastically embraced during his vice presidency: browbeating Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act”. 

 Aone of his most memorable meetings with Ukraine’s government, during a trip to Kiev in March 2016, former Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor, who had been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite.”  

 The prosecutor was dismissed, in the middle of several investigations. 

 However, there may have been an ulterior motive for Biden’s trips.  “Among those who had a stake in the outcome was Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s younger son, who at the time was on the board of an energy company (Burisma) owned by a Ukrainian oligarch who had been in the sights of the fired prosecutor general.”

As NBC has written, “there’s no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of either Biden.”  

 According to a press release from Biden’s team states, “…the conspiracy theory, which had long been conclusively debunked, has fallen apart even more.

On April 21st, a phone call involving President Trump putting pressure on then-President-elect Zelensky to reopen the investigation on Biden. The pressure involved the withholding of aid to Ukraine until such a time as the investigation into Biden is reopened.

This claim against the President was by an anonymous whistleblower who does not have firsthand detail of the call but rather heard about it after the fact. 

This is a complex issue including claims to begin the impeachment of
President Trump, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted students.

Written by: Camrin Santchi