The Better of Two Evils

The month of October has been buzzing with discussions and sidetalk of the presidential debate and the two candidates. Around campus much of the beginning of classes has dealt with talk about Trump or Clinton. People have asked: Are you voting? Who are you voting for? Why are you voting for him/her? or What is his/her stance on this topic? As November gets closer and the race for our nation’s new president continues much of this talk with continue and become more heated. However, on college campuses today most of the population is uneducated about the political views and stances for each candidate. Instead, college students are more focused on what snapchat filter or meme is the best. Today’s younger voters should be educated to make a more informed decision.

The two main candidates for the election are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but a third party candidate can always be included. Main goals of Trump include reducing taxes for all, implementing better cybersecurity, defeating ISIS, creating a booming economy, and prioritizing jobs, wages, and security for all Americans. In contrast, Hillary’s main goals consist of implementing higher taxes for the wealthy, protecting immigrant rights by ending racial discrimination, ensuring LGBT rights and ending violence against transgender individuals.

Around campus I asked 40 random people about the upcoming election. The results concluded that most of campus is divided on whether they want to vote or not. I found that 19 will not vote and 21 will. Of the people who claimed they will vote, Clinton led the poll followed by Trump and then third party candidates. However, the tally for each candidate was evenly distributed only varying by a few votes.  In addition, several of the people that participated stated, “Both candidates are terrible.” As we approach November, most of us could assume that people have made up their minds about who they want to be our next president. However, many people that I asked are still undecided as to who they are going to vote for. Nonetheless,  I encourage you all to educate yourself about all parties and their stances on important topics to help you make an informed decision on who to vote for. Finally, I encourage everyone to register and vote for a president that they believe can help America.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

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