Thor Swings Back into Action

Lights. Camera. Action. It might seem a little cliché, but Thor: The Dark World, which premiered on November 8, followed that exact guideline. The lights dimmed, and the trademark comic page turning intro of Marvel began. Action hungry audience members only needed to wait two minutes, before the sci-fi action associated with the Thor universe began.

Thor: The Dark World follows the continuing saga of the hero Thor and was well worth the two year wait. Though the movie revolves around the story of Thor, there are numerous references to the events from The Avengers as well as the first Thor movie, displaying a core story line that will most likely be represented in all upcoming Marvel movies. Although Thor is the main character and protagonist in the movie, keep your eye out for one or two super hero cameos.

Enjoyment of Thor: The Dark World id not dependent upon previous knowledge. Viewers who haven’t seen the first Thor movie, or The Avengers, will not be lost. They may feel left out of a few funny one liners, but the storyline is essentially new, allowing anybody to dive right in to the Marvel Universe.

Under the direction of Alan Taylor, Thor: The Dark World paints a darker, post Avengers universe. Unlike previous Marvel movies, there are no hints as to who will die, who will live or even if the hero will succeed. Taylor excels at manipulating the audience’s knowledge of key characters, using them to present multiple possibilities from the struggles in the movie. Both veteran comic book readers and regular movie goers will be blown away by the truly unexpected plot twists.

Though the movie may present a darker mood, there are still plenty of one liners and comedic scenes. Throughout the movie you may find yourself on the edge of your seat, biting your nails before being reassured everything is alright. By the time the end credits role you won’t be able to decide whether the fight scenes or the comedic aspects of the movie were better.

Whether you are an avid comic book fan or just enjoy going to see superhero movies, Thor: The Dark World is a truly enjoyable addition to theaters across America. It will make you jump in surprise, laugh and wish there was no end in sight. So grab your friends, your spare change, and buy yourself a ticket to go see Thor: The Dark World. Oh, and make sure you don’t get fooled into leaving halfway through the credits

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