McReynolds Renovations

-Jared Feffer

(Defiance, Oh) Residents of McReynolds Hall will be hearing the sounds of construction once again during the school year. In an interview with Sammi Stevens, McReynolds Hall Director, there was much information shared regarding the renovations.

The renovations started once again during the week of September 22. The process has started off slow because of other campus projects, but the hope is the pace will pick up later. The renovations have started on the second floor in the south wing, with two rooms being renovated at a time.

Renovations take approximately two weeks to complete and residents will be moved to the newly renovated rooms as they are completed and will remain in those rooms for the rest of the year.

A full renovation consists of a new ceiling, new wooden floor, and a new coat of paint. The built in desks will be removed along with the top storage compartments, middle drawers, and the mirrors.

As a replacement, residents will receive new desks, new chairs, and new wooden bed frames.

Several students who are current residents of McReynolds Hall were asked for their opinions on the renovations and if they preferred the new rooms over the original rooms.

Spencer Garstka is one of the students who is still located in one of the original rooms and says he cannot wait to get a renovated room. Spencer likes how the new rooms look and how the new bed frames are adjustable compared to the metal frames.

Rebekkah Slob also prefers the new rooms over the original rooms. She is also located in an original room and looks forward to moving into a new room. She likes the new wooden floor but also likes that the desks are moveable because it adds flexibility to the room. However, she is disappointed that the mirror is being taken out.

Michael Vanderkolk, who previously lived in McReynolds for three years, believes the original rooms provided more storage space. He liked how the original rooms had an open space with towel racks located behind the door, a vanity between the closets, and drawers on the desks.

However, he thinks the new rooms are more physically appealing with the new floors, beds, wall paint, and ceilings. Michael also mentioned that he liked how you could adjust the height of the beds. Overall, he believes that the new model of the rooms will be a more conformable setting and will recruit more students because they have a much nicer appearance.

Through the sounds of construction can be heard in McReynolds, students do not seem to mind the inconvenience for an upgrade to their current rooms.

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