Want to be a RA?

-Zack Bires

(Defiance, OH) Every student here knows what they are. Residential Assistants, the person that you go to when there is an issue or something needs cleaned. But in reality, the RA job is a lot more than just replacing toilet paper or writing students up.

The RA needs to have many qualities, because it is their job to maintain a fun and positive living environment for the students here at DC. They need to be energetic, non-judgemental, yet responsible in following the guidelines the school puts in place.

Residential Assistants have more jobs than just writing students up. First off, they are the eyes and ears for the school. When they do their rounds around the dorms, they are not simply trying to get exercise, they are observing and reporting what is going on to  help make the best situation for students. They are normally only “on duty” one night a week and one weekend every two weeks. This means they are in charge of their building from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

They are also in charge of creating fun filled hall activities for the students in that hall to find a way to bond together. This can range anywhere from a movie night, to a Madden tournament, to a Harry Potter themed semester long challenge.

Finally, its the things that are unplanned that make the Residential Assistants a special breed. It’s the times where the resident themselves needs advice or needs support. RA’s take the job knowing that they will have situations that they will not expect, and this is where the fact they are non-judgemental comes into play. Students can feel safe talking to their RA and not have to worry about them going out and telling everyone what they said.

This job is not for anyone though. Applicants must have completed 12 credit hours and also have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and also maintain that GPA while they are employed. Students then have to go through an application process where they are given a written application, go through an interview, and also go through group tasks to see how they work with others.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it does not go unnoticed. The Residential Assistants receive a compensation of $3,000 for year with an added bonus of $200 at the end of the year. But, when most of the current RA’s talk about the job, they never mention the money. They more so remember how rewarding of a job it is to get to know these students personally, watch them grow, and help them through the process. If this sounds like a job that you as a student are interested in, or you have questions, contact your current RA, and they will be more than willing to help.

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