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-Zach Bires

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(Defiance, OH) The Defiance Softball team is looking to have a rebound year after a year that was not up to expectations. The Jackets are coming off a 7-26 year, and are predicted to finish 8th overall this upcoming year. Coach Jodie Holava is only looking at the pre-season rankings as a motivator, because they know they are a better program than the rankings indicate.

Despite the 14 new players added to the roster, Coach Holava still has high hopes for the season. The upperclassmen are going to have important roles not only on, but off the field. They are a huge aspect in helping the freshman figure things out like away trips, Florida, adversity, and even on field performance and what to expect.

Coach Holava’s main goal is to keep improving every year and if they can elevate their play, then they will be successful. Holava is looking at elevating the standards of the program and to keep moving forward.

Coach believes the main reason that this team will be successful is the team chemistry aspect. Softball players can be seen all over campus with one another, and they seem to be getting along quite well. Holava also believes that the team has bought into the “We over me” mentality, meaning that they care about doing things for the better of the team before they worry about individual stats.

Holava also believes that it is not just the team building experiences that she puts on that is making the team mesh so well. Coach stated that it is, “an overall dynamic among the players bringing a new energy.” Holava states that this brings an urge and excitement to practice, making it easier to improve.

Even the players can feel the excitement for the upcoming season coming. Sophomore Megan Warren states, “I think we are going to be successful. We have a lot of young talent mixed with experience and the team as a whole is as committed as possible. We have great team chemistry and are all focused on one goal- To win a conference championship.”

Coach Holava is not looking forward to any game in specific except for the first one against Centre, and believes they are going to take it just one game at a time. With the softball season approaching, that means warm weather is right around the corner, and the softball team would love the support at their games.

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