HTCIA: What Do We Do?

– Grayson Conney (Defiance, OH)

Are you a student here with an interest in technology? How about the legal system? Both? If so the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) is the perfect on campus organization for you!

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What is HTCIA exactly? In the words of our Defiance College chapter’s president Jennifer Meade,

“HTCIA was formed to provide education and collaboration to its members globally for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes. In 2008, the Student Membership was created. The purpose of this membership class is to foster, promote, and encourage the study of criminal investigations involving advanced technologies and security by the academic community.”

Furthermore, it is a national organization and great networking tool to those of you who are looking for post college careers in this community.

Something important to know is that there are paid and unpaid members in HTCIA. Essentially, if you only plan to participate in the local activities that HTCIA has planned, then there is no need to pay for a membership, and there is absolutely no pressure to do so either. However, there are substantial benefits to becoming a paid member. Once again take it from Jennifer Meade,

“As a member, I have gained powerful networking tools that have granted me access to other professionals in my field. I have also had the opportunity to attend the HTCIA International Training Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida which included traditional lectures and hands-on training labs.”

Not only is HTCIA great on a paid level, but it is also great with a non-paid membership, I would know since I am not even a paid member myself. Right now HTCIA is planning a Halloween party! It’s still pretty early in development, but from what we have discussed so far it seems like it will be a good time. We are not stopping there either, and we could always use new minds to come up with new ideas for events, as well as provide an extra hand to help out in the Defiance Community!

Who should join HTCIA?  To expand, there are some minor limitations on who can be a paid member. Majors that can join as paid members include digital forensic science, criminal justice, forensics, and accounting. Other similar majors are also eligible to be paid members as well. However, if you still have an interest in the group and your major falls outside of this field, you can always join as a non-paid member and assist us in our local activities!

If you are interested in HTCIA, the next meeting Thursday October 1st at 12:00pm in Dana 29! Also, feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have regarding membership.

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