The Criminal Justice Society @ DC

– Stephanie Houston (Defiance, OH)

As many college students have probably discovered, there is a huge transition between college and high school. Often times, if students are struggling to make this transition the best thing to do is get involved! Here at Defiance College, we are fortunate to have such a huge variety of both academic and social clubs available for students to get involved.

One of the clubs available on campus that can be a great addition to a resume is the Criminal Justice Society.

The Criminal Justice Society is composed mostly of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Digital Forensic Science Majors. The club aims to help students of these majors see people who are already in that field doing their jobs. They also help students meet people of authority in that specific field, which expands the students network. Both of these benefits enhance students resumes and hireability after graduation.

One way The Criminal Justice Society carries out the goals of the club is by traveling. In a small town like Defiance where crime rates are lower, resources such as crime labs, corrections facilities, law enforcement training facilities, and digital forensic centers are scarce. The Criminal Justice Society takes a trips to large metropolitan areas where students can get the opportunity to visit places like these to witness their future jobs being carried out.

Meetings for The Criminal Justice Society are held once a month, dates still to be determined. The first meeting was held September 29th. Guest speaker, Deputy Sheriff Ben Mozer, came to Defiance College to speak with members of the organization. He brought along his K-9 unit and demonstrated to members of the club the relationship between a law enforcement officer and his/her canine companion.

Activities such as bringing in seasoned Criminal Justice professionals is another example of the valuable opportunities this organization has to offer in furthering a student’s first-hand knowledge in their discipline. Not only do these opportunities provide insight in a student’s future field, but they also provide great opportunities to network with professionals in the CJ field.
If the Criminal Justice Society interests you, students can join the organization seamlessly. Contact President Jeremy Verhoff, or the faculty advisors Sheldon Goodrum or Steve Sondergaard for information regarding the club and its future meetings.

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