DC Pride

– Taylor Haydinger (Defiance, OH)

Defiance College Pride, most commonly known as DC Pride, is an organization that emphasizes how proud us Yellow Jackets are to be a part of the DC community… right?


DC Pride is a student run organization on campus that aims to bring awareness about the various issues revolving around LGBT+ community.  LGBT+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.  The plus sign indicates all of the other gender and sexual identities that fall under this category.  


So now you know what DC Pride is right?  Once again… Not quite!  DC Pride does a lot more than you think!  DC Pride holds weekly meetings where a new topic about the LGBT+ community is discussed.  What topic will they discuss?  Check the bulletin board in Hubbard!  You might also find some neat information as well!


One big event that DC Pride holds is the Day of Silence, held every year on campus. What is the Day of Silence? It is a day where people take a vow of silence to remember those who lost their lives due to LGBT+ discrimination. DC Pride offers free shirts to those wanting to participate. Want a free shirt? Look for emails as the Day of Silence approaches!
So now you finally know what DC Pride is all about!… Wrong! Come find out what DC Pride is all about by coming to the meetings and getting involved! Contact President Taylor Haydinger at thaydinger001@defiance.edu for more details!

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