A New Chapter for The Defender


Written by Spencer Gray

Today marks more than just another day with The Defender. This day marks the beginning of a lot of changes, which I hope to lay out for you all a little today.

To start things off, there are some new people running The Defender– I myself will be taking on the role of Editor, while Dr. Todd Comer will be taking over as the faculty advisor.

We have quite a few higher-level goals in mind for The Defender this year: Namely a new design for the site, greater student and faculty involvement, an expansion of the types of content you see from The Defender, and some other things that have not quite been ironed out yet. You can expect most of these things to be talked about again at a later date.

Starting today, The Defender will also start accepting and publishing Letters to the Editor. These letters may come from anyone in the Defiance College community and may cover topics of public concern or collegiate concerns. It will be required that the writer’s full name and city be attached to the letter for publication. Letters to the Editor must also be under 500 words. Please note that these letters are still subject to editing. Letters to the Editor may be sent to defender@defiance.edu

As we chart this new era for The Defender, we hope that you, the Defiance College community, will continue to read and support this paper, so that The Defender may continue to serve the college as it always has.

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