Being A Sister in DC Football

When I was kicking for my high school football team, I never would have thought I would kick in college. As much as I loved it, my world was and still is softball; football was just something I had tried out my senior year. Then Coach Goff started asking around for kickers for this year’s team and I begged Coach Holava to let me play.

My first practice with the boys this fall I missed every kick except one. I was so nervous. Then when I finally made one, the boys cheered and I felt so much better. So many guys came up and told me that it would get better when I was more comfortable with all of them. So all season, I’ve spent my time being the smallest on the field, kicking wherever there is space at practice. A lot of people ask me how it is being the only girl. ‘Is it awkward?’ ‘Do you get hit on a lot?’ I get asked so many questions about how the boys treat me or what I do for a locker room.

Honestly, I love being on the team. The guys think of me like a little sister and have my back. If anything were to happen I know for a fact that those guys would take care of it. They are always there offering support and are there when I have a rough day. My favorite thing to do on a bad day is go to practice. I love being around them and being part of this team. Sure they tease me, but they tease like big brothers pick on little sisters. They are always good for a laugh and they are honestly such a big family.

The Saturday of Homecoming was hands down one of the greatest days of my life. Not only did I make my first two collegiate extra points, but my boys and I are also beat Anderson. When I scored, the boys were so excited and I felt so supported. The boys went nuts, they all high-fived me, someone picked me up, it was crazy. I loved it. I am so lucky to wear #12 for the Defiance College Football team and get the chance to be part of such a great group of guys and such a great program.

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Written by Jordan Osborne

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