Trump Revokes Transgender Protection in Schools

Recently, Trump revoked a federal law that permitted transgender students to use school restrooms that match their gender identity. This withdraw of federal guidelines has caused the LGBT community to take a stand for their rights. The LGBT and transgender individuals have fought for their rights for years. What keeps every other president from accepting and revoking someone’s rights? This process has caused a revolving door for the LGBT community and has brought confusion to all citizens regarding laws and rights being passed and then taken away.

The Washington Post claimed that during Obama’s presidency his administration ordered memos to allow transgender students to use the bathroom in which they identify as. His administration stated that denying transgenders this right was a violation of federal antidiscrimination laws (Somashekhar, Brown, & Balingit, 2017). However, Somashekhar, Brown, & Balingit, (2017) stated that the Trump administration ordered schools to ignore Obama’s memos and take away the rights of transgender students (Somashekhar, Brown, & Balingit, 2017).

The administration of Trump has not given the school system any sense of direction since these laws were revoked. Trump and his administration wish to seek further legal analysis of this situation in terms of the legal challenges. Additionally, Trump’s administration stated that, “schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment” (Somashekhar, Brown, & Balingit, 2017). Attorneys have claimed they must follow these guidelines because it is the law and we must respect and abide by it.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

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