Welcome Back D.C.!

Welcome Back D.C.!

As we kick off the new year I would like to introduce myself and the school paper. My name is Jordan Osborne, I am a junior English and Pre-Law major here. I am also this year’s editor for the school paper, The Defender. The Defender is a student-ran paper with contributions from faculty and staff. I hope to feature many stories this year with a large amount of variety regarding topics. I am hoping to help create an environment for students to openly publish their opinions and to be able to engage with their community and with our campus.

We have new goals for The Defender for this year. We would like to publish more stories, publish more relevant stories, and to better the writing of students on campus. I want to see the paper influence more people throughout the campus and to have a broader variety of stories from athletics all the way to what each major is doing within their programs.

If you are interested in writing for The Defender, please contact me! We could always use more writers and I am more than willing to talk with you! If you have any suggestions regarding what you would like to see more of or would like to see within The Defender, please email me at josborne002@defiance.edu and we can discuss ways to better the paper.

Let’s have a great year and Go Jackets!

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