Helping Hands

Around the world there have been major catastrophes spark in shortly under a months’ time. Today, Texas is currently recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane landed two weeks ago and was a category 4. With heavy rainfall, flooding, and severe winds the state of Texas was under water. This storm caused a record breaking $75 billion dollars in damage and is now one of the most expensive natural disasters in history. Similarly, the state of Florida is preparing for Hurricane Irma that is said to hit this weekend. Irma is said to land on some of the biggest cities in the U.S. including Miami and Daytona Beach. Additionally, Irma is said to be the single biggest hurricane that Florida has seen since the 90’s. Lastly, today a destructive earthquake hit Mexico causing possible tsunamis as a result to hit nearby countries. With currently thirty deaths that are expected to increase with rescue crews sent today this is yet another devastating natural disaster.  Some of these events were done at random while others had warning. Still, many families stayed at their homes and are in need of help recovering from the damage that has been caused.

With that said, some organizations on campus have started to collect donations to help those in need. This is a great opportunity to get involved on campus and to help assist the people of Texas, Florida, and Mexico. The Service Leader Program and the Criminal Justice Society are some organizations that are actively involved in supporting those affected by these diasters. If you are wanting to help the Service Leader Program is in need of five volunteers to help on Monday, September 11th from 12:30-4:30 p.m. by helping pack boxes in Waterville, OH for Hurricane Harvey Relief (transportation provided). With questions regarding this please email Brad Harsha at Lastly, the Criminal Justice Society is currently organizing information that will be emailed once it is finalized to students and faculty on campus that are interested in helping with these natural disasters.  

Written by Madysyn Creighton

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