D.C. Lends a Hand at Race for the Cure

Susan G. Komen is a foundation that focuses on raising awareness for breast cancer. The foundation has a mission to prevent and help cure breast cancer. Over $920 million in research has been funded since 1982 by the organization. Everyday, the Susan G. Komen foundation continues to help with the fight against breast cancer.

On September 24, 2017 Toledo, Ohio hosted its 24th annual Race for the Cure. Events started at seven in the morning, and the race began at 9:30. Over 10,000 participants ran/walked in the 5k. The Komen Toledo Race for the Cure has raised $79,121.62 and continues to raise.

Defiance College was asked to volunteer at the Race for the Cure in Toledo. Many individuals who volunteered are members of the Service Leadership program. However, Service Leaders, Alpha Phi Omega, and other organizations from Defiance College volunteered. In preparation for the race, student volunteers left early Saturday morning to set up for the race the next day. They were in charge of decorating the survivors tent and moving plants for the garden. On race day, volunteers departed from the dorms at 4:30 in the morning for another day of helping for the race. Volunteers were given different jobs such as working in the survivor tent or working the banner signing table. This table consisted of survivors signing a banner and writing their name and how long that they have been cancer free. Beginning at 7 am, the team tailgate started. There were games for kids, a parade for breast cancer Survivors, and other events.

Many students helped during the event. Megan Overmann stated that her experience with helping with the race was, “exciting, seeing groups of people come together to continue raising awareness for the cure for breast cancer. I even met some people that were from Defiance and are DC alumni.” Marissa Windau, another student who volunteered her time to help with the race stated that working with the Susan G. Komen Foundation at the race for the Cure was, “a truly humbling experience.” Additionally, she said, “working specifically in the survivors tent was an inspiration.”

Written by Ray Ramos

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