Halloween, Where Did It Come From?

(Defiance, OH). Happy Spooky Season DC! IT is that time of the year again. The time where we enjoy apple cider, sweet treats, and scary nights. But have you ever simply asked where this event has came from? Why do people dress up as things that are supposed to be scary, and why is everything pumpkin or apple based? I am here to try and solve some of these mysteries, and I also went around campus and asked a few friends what their thoughts were on Halloween and the origin of it!

According to the History channel, Halloween has roots that date back all the way to the older Europeans! This was back all the way in the eighth century! It surprisingly used to be celebrated on November 1st, not October 31st like we commonly do in America.

This holiday was a chance for them to celebrate a new year, and pay tribute to the dead, because it was the day they believed that those who had died over the year returned to earth on this specific day. Creepy! During this day, they burned crops and dressed up in order to praise the gods, as well as sacrificing animals.

Then, the Romans brought All Saints Day from May 13th to November 1st, from the ideas brought to them by the other Europeans. They also had bonfires, costumes, and sacrifices!

Once brought to America, it started out as neighbors following European traditions, throwing a party, and telling stories of the dead. Then, later during the 19th century, Americans began to dress up, and go from door to door asking for food or money, which is now what is known as trick or treat!

It was not until the 1920’s when the holiday began  to be directed at the younger generation, due to the vandalism and crime by the older generation. This is where the Halloween that we know today came from, where children go door to door, asking for candy, and dressing up as spooky ghouls and ghosts. Another fun fact, Halloween is the most expensive holiday in America, right behind the obvious one, Christmas.

So as I said, I went around campus and was able to ask two people on their thoughts on Halloween, and where it came from. Sophomore Jessi Davis had this to say, “I honestly do not know where Halloween came from, but I love candy so I don’t mind.” Senior Cody Nelson also had this to say, “I feel that Halloween came from South America. I love the holiday because I enjoy candy and the scary movies.”

So there you have it DC. A little background on Halloween and what some of the fellow campus mates think about Halloween. If you have any questions, or any comments about the article, feel free to contact me! Happy Halloween!

Written by Zac Bires

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