DCWS Ties in Overtime Thriller

(Defiance, OH) The Defiance College Women’s Soccer team took on the Manchester Spartans this past week on Wednesday in a mid-week conference match-up. Both the Jackets and the Spartans came in with a similar record in conference, and both searching for the first conference win.

With both the Spartans and the Jackets having a similar record, the fans at the game knew that it would be a good match up. Both teams came out with a ton of energy, each getting 10 shots on goal during the first half. Defiance came out on top during the end of the half, with a goal that hit the upper right corner by Kat Wicher in the 40th minute. This was Wicher’s first goal of the season, and what a shot it was! Defiance led at the half 1-0.

After halftime, Manchester came out with a vengeance, trying to score a goal of their own. Both teams had a fire, but Manchester was able to sneak a goal by the keeper to tie the score at 1-1. Neither team could pull out another goal in the 21 shots total for this half, so it was time for the Jackets 2nd overtime game of the season!

The first 10 minutes were gridlocked with great defense by both teams. There were only 8 shots total, with our Defiance College Yellow Jackets having 5 of them. The Jackets then went on break and prepared for a nail biting double overtime.

Both teams were giving the rest of their energy during the last period of overtime, running as fast as they could, trying to pull out their own first conference win. The 10 minutes was not enough for either team, as the game ending in a tie. What a game it was to watch!

After the game, we caught up with the lone scorer from the game Kat Wicher, and she had this to say, “ Even though the results may not have gone the way you wanted, it’s important to keep on improving.” Wicher has high expectations for DCWS in the near future, and continues to see improvements with the team everyday.

DCWS takes on Hanover College this Saturday, so make sure you tell a team member good luck! As always, go Jackets!

Written by Zac Bires

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