DC’s Dance Marathon

Defiance College has multiple different organizations on campus through the Project 701 office. All these organizations are non-profit, service oriented organizations that are student-run. Project 701 reaches out to the community to try and get others involved and help out with community needs.

One of the organizations through the Project 701 office is Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is all about putting on fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the Mercy Children’s Miracle Network. This movement is all about raising money “For The Kids”. Dance marathon is in college, university, and high school programs all throughout the country. It helps to raise awareness for children who are born with deficiencies, live with illnesses, or suffer from injuries that keep them from being a typical child. The proceeds go toward making sure these children and those to come do not fight alone in ways of research, equipment, or helping with medical bills. Throughout the country, there are over 300 Dance Marathon programs, with nine campuses raising over $1 million annually. Though Defiance College’s program is very small and may not be able to raise $1 million, it was able to raise $1,400 last year. Any amount is accepted when it comes to raising money for these children and their families that are in need.

Defiance College’s Dance Marathon has multiple events planned for the 2017-2018 year to help raise money for the Miracle Network. Currently, the organization is running a competition between teams through an online donation service called Donor Drive. This will be up and running the entire school year. Other fundraising events for Defiance’s Dance Marathon is multiple Minute-to-Win-it fundraisers at different sporting events, a Christmas Carnival, a candy-gram fundraiser, a promo night at a local restaurant, and the end of the year Buzzathon. The organization’s goal is to raise $2,000 for the Miracle Network this year. Assistant manager, Michaela Bauer, commented “Dance Marathon has changed my life and gave me a new perspective on life. It has made me want to work with children and feel so passionate about helping children who may not have the opportunities that I have. It is life-changing seeing the smiles on the children’s faces at the events we put on and how happy they are.” If there is any interest in joining or any questions about the movement, contact Taylor Gillig or Michaela Bauer for more information. Dance Marathon is this generation fighting for the next.

Written by Michaela Bauer

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