DC Honors Students Travel to Chicago

Defiance College Honor students are going to Chicago. Dean of McMaster School Mary Ann Studer said, “we will be using this trip to give students the opportunity to study in a different context”.  

Studer, who oversees the trip said, “we will be allowing students who are active in the honors program to take a trip to different parts of Chicago to use as a text for religiosity”, a strong religious feeling or belief. “Students will be traveling to different churches, worship sites, and attending services”. The exact names of the places that students will be traveling to are not currently known. There is a fee that is associated with the course that makes this trip possible. The trip is scheduled for the end of March.

In the past, the school has gone on trips like this before. Two years ago, they went to Vancouver, Canada. This trip was a little different in the course material but this idea of getting to “study in a different context” is the same.  

Mackenzie Durdak, Senior at Defiance College, described the trip saying, “Vancouver is home to several First Nations communities”. These are communities of Canadian Indians. Durdak said, “we visited many museums that displayed their culture and learned about different aspects of it as well, I personally feel as if I learned a lot about their culture during not only the course but also the trip itself”.

When asked if she enjoyed the trip her response was “I loved every second of the trip, largely because I was very interested in the culture and found their carvings and pottery very interesting”. Mackenzie also said, “I would 100% recommend this trip to everyone”.

This out of the classroom learning experience that Dean Studer is trying to create seems to be working. Students like Mackenzie are proof that the trips are successful at getting students to “study in a different context”, sound better than reading a book? Contact Dean Studer to join the honors program for next year as they are accepting applications.

Written by Tyler Bullock

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