Leaving a Forever Home: Dr. MC Harper

Mary Catherine (MC) Harper, Ph.D. will be retiring at the end of this semester after being with Defiance College for 20 years.

Harper has taught creative writing, linguistics, literature, and composition. She has served as Composition Program Director and Global Civilization Program Director. MC has also been the advisor, layout editor, and developmental editor for Progeny. Progeny is the Literary and Art Magazine of Defiance College. The writer and artist retreat in the summers are organized by Harper too. The retreat is available to senior English students who get invited to work next to professional writers and artists.

Harper has been teaching for longer than just her time at Defiance College. She said, “It wasn’t a desire or that I wanted to become a teacher, I just always was. When I was in 2nd grade I taught my older brother how to read. I have taught many students how to improve their reading skills. There was a young man named Michael who was a first-year student that I taught how to read. It was very cool and still remains my biggest accomplishment”.

Harper mentioned that she had been greatly influenced by a man named Robert Bashore. “Robert is the professor who started the honors program at Bowling Green University. Bob is the one who taught me how to teach, to always try and figure out how students think”.

For students looking to become teachers, Harper said “always assume that students really do want to learn, they just get overwhelmed and frustrated. As teachers we often ask students what they know, it’s important to ask them to try to explain the things they don’t know so that we can help them”.

After retirement hobbies for Harper will include sewing, upholstery, and home décor. She also really enjoys cooking home-style food.

Written by Tyler Bullock

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