Streaming Services Popular Among Defiance College Students

Throughout today’s generation of college students, a common enjoyable past-time that appears to be shared among the majority is watching streaming services, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or now, Disney Plus. Each of these programs charges viewers a monthly fee to gain access to a multitude of movies, shows, and documentaries. Even though each of the programs are watched by students on campus, not all of them are seen as worthy of equal praise.

Ever since its creation, Netflix has prospered to be one of the most well-known streaming services. With a monthly fee starting at only $9.00 a month, Netflix is undeniably an affordable option for college students. In fact, Netflix appears to be extremely popular amongst students at Defiance College in comparison to the other options. Many of those who are users of Netflix, admitted to having tried Hulu and Amazon only to later revert back to Netflix. One student stated that “with Netflix, you get more for your money.”

Aside from Netflix, another popular streaming service is Hulu. Like Netflix, viewers have access to a variety of showings. However, with Hulu, starting at around $7.00, subscribers are only able to watch a portion of movies and shows, unless they purchase “add-on” packages. This can be a concern for college students who don’t always have the means to make such purchases. Although, several have claimed that Hulu is worth it, given that Hulu provides episodes within several days of when they first air on TV, whereas Netflix doesn’t add them until around a year later.

Amazon Prime is yet another option for streaming. A Prime subscription costs around $9.00, but one special feature offered by Amazon is the prime student discount, making the required payment only $6.49 monthly. With their Prime membership, users have access to a gallery of free movies and shows, however, they also have access to plenty of other options if they choose to pay for that movie or show.

The newest streaming platform to spark interest is Disney Plus. For about $7.00 per month, Disney Plus provides its viewers with nearly every Disney classic one can imagine–from Bambi to Hannah Montana. This source of streaming is least common among students on campus because it was just released and not many have made the purchase yet. However, several students have described it as “well worth the money,” and an “obsession.” Unlike the other streaming programs, Disney Plus showcases the childhood nostalgia that today’s generation of students knows and loves, which is what makes those who have it extremely fond of it.

A vast amount of the students on campus use at least one, if not more of these streaming services. However, more appear to favor Netflix over other options.

Students have shared that they are more satisfied with the selections available on Netflix and appreciate the fact that the monthly rate of $9.00 grants them access to the entirety of what Netflix has available. Several, who have tried one or more streaming sources, also agree with this statement.

Regardless of which type of streaming service one prefers, it is evident that the quality of each of these programs is promising, especially to the students here at Defiance College.

Written by: Trisha Baldwin

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