DC Community Orchestra

Students at Defiance College are presented with a wide variety of student organizations,
clubs, and extracurriculars whether it be chess club, Habitat for Humanity or even a sport, but
Defiance also has its very own Community Orchestra for students to partake in. The Defiance
College Community Orchestra is among one of the several music programs offered and is
currently composed of twenty-one musicians who play wind, string, and percussion instruments.

What sets the DC Community Orchestra apart from other extracurriculars is the fact that
it is not limited to college students. Faculty, local high school students, as well as community
members of all ages participate in the orchestra as well. Rehearsals are held once a week on
Monday’s from 6:30-8:00 p.m in Schauffler Hall 117. At these rehearsals, the ensemble
practices a variety of popular tunes from genres ranging from classical to pop, including marches
and contemporary pieces, which they perform at a concert once every semester.
The DC Community Orchestra will be having their spring concert in the Stroede Center
located in downtown Defiance on Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m. The orchestra is under the
direction of Ms. Cassidy Nalepa who stated, “We strive to make great music, but also have a lot
of fun in rehearsal. For me, the ensemble promotes lifelong music-making no matter your age or
Participation in the orchestra not only allows for the pursuing of music, but also for the
chance to create valuable networking between DC students and community members within the
area. Amber, a sophomore clarinet player said, “I love how it not only gives me an opportunity
to be involved with the college, but also the community. Cassidy is an awesome director and she
makes being in the orchestra so enjoyable.” The orchestra is one of the many aspects that
strengthens the tight-knit community feel at DC. There is no audition required to become a part
of the Defiance Community Orchestra and those wishing to join can be of any skill level.
Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Ms. Nalepa (cnalepa@defiance.edu) or attend a
rehearsal for more information.

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