Defiance College Book Club

This year’s addition of Defiance College’s Jacket Journey presents a multitude of ways for students to be involved on campus and rack up the Jacket Points. One of those ways is by joining the new book club. DC has a newly formed book club starting up in the middle of this month. This event, listed on the jacket journey website, is worth a total of 75 points and is open to any current DC student, regardless of their major. The first meeting will occur on Wednesday, November 18th, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. via google meet link (

As stated in the announcement, being involved in the book club will allow students to “gain new insights and perspectives, and practice conversation and leadership skills in a fun, friendly environment.” The club plans to meet twice each month for around an hour, with this month’s book of choice being A Separate Peace. A free version can be found here: http:// or can be borrowed from Pilgram Library. In an email, Professor Agler states, “The book will be available via free online access, so there’s nothing to buy (always a plus!).”

In the words of Professor Agler, Adjunct Professor of English and is head of the book club, “the best part about this club (besides reading and discussing great books, of course!) is YOU have a say in how the club will progress.” The students themselves will have the ability to suggest books and vote on which ones are read by the club and can even lead as “discussion facilitators” if they wish.

Whether one is planning to go into English/Literature, or it is simply a hobby, book club could serve as a phenomenal extracurricular. Students can still join at any time even after the first meeting. Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information, please contact Professor Agler at Or go to the English Department’s website at

Written by: Trisha Baldwin

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