Ranking the Best Cafeteria Menu Items at DC

By: Jeremy Russo

Many students come to the cafeteria for their meals throughout the day but what is their favorite item on the menu?

During the semester, students enter Serrick Campus Center at Defiance College to go to the cafeteria to get their food and have their meal after their class with their friends. The cafeteria and its great staff offer many different options each week to give students a variety of foods to choose from and enjoy. On the weekdays, wraps, fries, pizza, and certain items from the grill are offered every day.

To find out what the favorite item is of DC students, I asked students what their favorite item was and these were the results. The light blue bars represent the number of students who voted these certain items as their favorite foods.

Points scored

From these results, it can be inferred that many students like wraps, mac n cheese, and sandwiches the most. These items contain cheese, meat, and bread which are common meal choices that many students like to eat.

The favorite items on the menu are the most commonly ordered items on the menu and have the longest waits during the rush hour at lunch and dinner times.

The cafeteria is an important business for the campus that also offers many other options than the selections from this graph. The cafeteria menu and hours can be found at https://defiance.hallmarkdining.com/serrick/.

Altogether, the cafeteria is an integral part of campus life by providing and maintaining the most liked items on the menu to attract students with their variety of selections every day.

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