Eight Tv and Movies to watch during Black History Month

Written by: Emily Vargo

February is Black history month. To celebrate the month, I have put together eight shows to watch during the month and what they are about.

The first show is called “Watchmen” (2019). “Watchmen” starts with the Tulsa Race Massacre, then fast forwards to 2019. The series portrays race and policing in an alternate reality. By using superheroes, random squid storms, and many plot twists, “Watchmen” is not only thrilling but can be used to begin discussions on the relationships between race and police. It can be found on HBO Max.

Next up is a called “Lovecraft Country” (2020). “Lovecraft Country” shows the horrors of the 1950s Jim Crow Laws that happened in America. The show is about a character named Atticus Freeman. He is a Korean war vet and a lover of books who heads home to the south side of Chicago to investigate the disappearance of his father. This is also on HBO Max.

The third show is called “Dear White People” (2017-2021). “Dear White People” is about a group of black students who attend a university that is made up of mainly white students. One of the black students starts a podcast directed at white students. On the podcast, they call out the microaggressions and racist behavior of the white students. This show can be found on Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime.

The fourth show is called “The Black Church: This is our story, This is our song.” This show is hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., who tells the 400 year old story of Black Churches in American and the role it plays in Black people’s lives. The show also explores the history, worship of traditions, and how they came into Christianity. The Black Church can be watched on PBS.

The fifth show is titled “Queen Sugar.” This show is about a family whose daughter comes back home to get away from a very public divorce. When she gets home, she purchases a sugar mill on her father’s farmland, bringing prosperity and complications to her and her family’s lives. Over the many episodes of this show, adultery, power and influence, police brutality, and slavery are shown. This show is found on Hulu.

The sixth show is “Insecure.” This show is about a character named Issa Dee. Iassa is living in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, who she has been with for five years. Their relationship starts the fall apart, but Issa will not give up easily. In the show, you will see Iassa and her boyfriend try to work things out with each other while exploring their culture and reminiscing about their funny embarrassing moments. This is on HBO Max.

The seventh show is “Underground.” This show is about a character named Noah, who is a determined slave that leads a revolt on his Georgia plantation. He is able to escape into freedom with six other slaves. This show exposes all of the dangers and hardship of the group’s escape. “Underground” will always keep you on your toes, and you will never know what will happen next. You can find this on Hulu, Fubo TV, Youtube, Itunes, Google play, and Apple TV.

The eighth show is called “Atlanta.” This show is about three friends who are trying to make it in the city of Atlanta. They all have big dreams, and together they will try their hardest to accomplish them. This is a hilarious show that respects the Black experience of trying to make it in a big city. It can be found on Hulu, Youtube, iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV, and Vudu.

Honorable mentions go to Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix, on Disney Plus, Black Panther and Black is King, and on HULU, Blackish.

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