National Milkshake Day!

Written by: Emily Vargo

If you are a chocolate lover or a milkshake lover, or both, this is the day you will enjoy.

September 12, 2021, is a fun day for many but may not be well known. On this day, it is National Chocolate Milkshake Day.

On National Chocolate Milkshake Day, you have to celebrate by getting a chocolate milkshake. Places you can get a chocolate milkshake nearby are Eric’s Ice Cream Factory, Cold Stone Creamery, Frisch’s Big Boy, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Arby’s. A little farther away from campus, there is Bud’s Restaurant and Dairy Queen.

When we look back in time, the term milkshake first appeared in print in 1885. During this time period, a milkshake was very different than what we know today. It was an alcoholic beverage with eggs, whisky, and other ingredients like eggnog. By the 1900s, pharmacies actually served this drink with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrup. Very soon after this, people began to ask for ice cream to be put in or come with the drink.

In 1922 the electric mixer was invented. One day at a Walgreens in Chicago, an employee put two scoops of ice cream in the chocolate drink and mixed it with the electric mixer. After making that drink, it became very popular very quickly, thus making the chocolate milkshake we know and love today.

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