Letters to the Editor: Opinion Post

Written by: Amber Baldwin

It’s been almost one month since the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine has been FDA approved. I received my first COVID-19 vaccine, which was the Pfizer vaccine, in April and then received my second shot in May. Many people in my family have also gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, including my grandparents, my aunt, two of my uncles, and my sister.

The reason why I got the vaccine was, of course, for protection, but it was also for my family. My grandma is very high risk because she is older and has a heart pump. If I would get COVID-19, not know it, and then pass it to her, I would feel so awful. It would just be terrible. I’m very grateful that none of my grandparents have had COVID-19.

Even though I am fully vaccinated, I still make sure to wear my mask around my grandparents and everywhere I go. I just wish other people were more considerate of it like that.

People keep complaining about having to wear masks, having to social distance, not being able to do certain activities, yet they do not do anything to change it. They just keep complaining. They will not wear masks, will not socially distance themselves, and will not get the vaccine. All of which is just making it worst. It’s so frustrating.

My youngest sister is ten, and it took four days of public school for her to get COVID-19. That led to my mom and dad getting it too. It’s scary to have your family all sick with a deadly disease that could have been prevented.

When I found out she tested positive, a part of me couldn’t believe it. The other part of me knew it would happen at some point since the school administration decided not to have a mask mandate nor vaccine requirements, nor testing.

My other sister and I showed no symptoms and have tested negative. We are both fully vaccinated.

Please correctly wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitize, and go get vaccinated. Just think what could happen if people truly cared about others, whether they know them or not. Maybe try caring about other people instead of complaining about yourselves, and COVID-19 will eventually be a thing of the past.

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