Pies for the Holidays

Written by: Amber Baldwin

According to Instagram, in November 2020, the pie found the most in Ohio newsfeeds and stories was sweet potato pie. A traditional southern pie that has been becoming more and more popular during the holidays.

Pumpkin pie is another type of pie that is thought of when it comes to Thanksgiving. Even though many people believe that pumpkin pie was eaten on the first Thanksgiving, it actually wasn’t.

Pumpkin pie did not become a Thanksgiving tradition until the 19th century. Pumpkins were, however, a part of the first Thanksgiving. They would empty the pumpkins and put milk, honey, and spices in them. Then, they would bake it over a fire.

A third popular Thanksgiving pie is pecan pie. No one is for sure who created it, but it is most likely a recipe from America. Some of the first recipes of pecan pie published were printed in the late 1800s in Texas. The pecan pie that is thought of today was first found in an 1898 cookbook made by a church in Missouri. The recipe was sent in by a woman from Texas. It wasn’t until the 1920s when pecan pie became super popular. This happened because Karo corn syrup started putting a pecan pie recipe on their packaging. Many recipes today still follow their method.

Pie, in general, can be traced all the back to the ancient Greeks. Historians think that they were the ones who created crusts. The Romans are known for creating the first-known pie recipe. The recipe included honey and goat cheese. These pies, however, did not look like the pies that are made today. Pie crusts were referred to as “coffins” because the filling would go inside the crust to cook it.

With all this talk on pie, here are some recipes to consider using this year for Thanksgiving https://www.delish.com/holiday-recipes/thanksgiving/g2574/holiday-pies-desserts-recipes/

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