Student profile: Meet Taylor Day

Written by: Elizabeth Patrick

I am excited and proud to introduce you to Taylor Day. Taylor is currently a senior at Defiance College and is from West Mansfield, Ohio.

She currently has a major in business administration with a minor in sports management. After finishing her undergrad, she plans to continue at Defiance College to get her MBA.

After she graduates, she plans to get a job in marketing for a sports team or coaching. Taylor’s dream job would be to live out in Los Angeles, California, and be part of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

She decided to commit to Defiance College because of the people; she came to a different town and felt like she had never left home.

Photos take from DC Athletes page

Some advice she has for the first- and second-year students include: attending every one of your classes and developing time management skills early on so you can get a schedule for yourself that allows you to do what you want to do.

Taylor is involved in the women’s basketball team and Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC).

Taylor’s favorite part of being a member of SAAC is that it allows student-athletes to have a voice in what goes on around them and how students can make improvements to make being a student-athlete better while being on campus. As a result of also being on the basketball team, she has learned many lessons such as controlling the controllable. Taylor believes that there are so many situations that a student-athlete can be placed in but if you control what you can control, you can then make the best out of it.

Being on the basketball team here at Defiance College has led Taylor to make some memories that she will never forget. One of her favorite memories is that her first year, they were playing Anderson, and they won the jump, and she was so excited that she went the wrong way and ended up turning the ball over to them as a result of the over and back violation.

Her whole team and she joked about that for a while, but then her sophomore year, when she played against Anderson, it was a close game to the end, and there were ten seconds left on the clock in the fourth. They had the ball and were running a play called Strong and ended up messing it up a little bit but eventually figured it out.

Taylor got the ball on the free-throw line and made the game-winning layup to put them up by two points, resulting in a win rather than playing overtime. Taylor believes that her whole team celebrated after the game accordingly, and it ended up being a better highlight than her first year incident with Anderson.

Some of Taylor’s favorite non-sport memories here at Defiance College are the friends that she has made. In her first year, she met Briawna Francis. On the first day in McReynolds, they walked up and down every hallway and said hello to everyone and anybody they saw or encountered. They still talk about it to this day how open they were to make new friends on the first day.

To conclude, by being involved in the basketball team and SACC, she has made memories that will last a lifetime.

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