Virtual Events to Do On Valentine’s Day

Written by: AD Johnson

With COVID being an ongoing disruption of life, virtual events are becoming more and more available and routine. Here are some interesting ones that are free and can act as a safe and fun activity to treat yourself to on Valentine’s Day or invite others and celebrate the day.

For an event on Valentine’s Day, go to to join in a beginner belly dance class. The free course will teach students a few basic movements, led by Christina, an official Datura style instructor.


It is recommended that you “wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, make sure you have a strong internet connection, and enough space around you to move a few steps in each direction.” To find more information on Christina and her belly dancing studio and classes, go to her website

For those interested in Psychics, the Online Spiritual Academy has a free psychic mediumship reading. “Your one-on-one reading will give you clear communication regarding your life’s direction. Please allow an hour of your time for the session.”

Free Psychic Mediumship Reading

If this sounds interesting to you for a fun and entertaining activity, sign up on Eventbrite and have fun spending an hour or so getting a reading from one of the students of the academy.

If psychics aren’t your thing, how about an acting class? Taught by actor/director Tom Mendola, “this free, VIRTUAL acting class, you will learn new skills for confidence in auditioning, how to make an impact through your acting, and new tools for improving your ability to connect in the scene.” Register here: The class is on Monday from 10:00 pm-12:00 am.

Last but not least, for Valentine’s Day, take a virtual trip along the Nile with Khaled. This “live event from Egypt with KHALED K., Local Egyptologist and licensed tour guide,” will present you and your loved ones an immersive experience learning about ancient Egypt and “will take you back in time to discover the history of this interesting temple and explain the religious significance of this site, which can be seen as a meeting point of three religions: the ancient Egyptian religion, Christianity, and Islam.”

FREE - NILE CRUISE Episode 4: Luxor Temple. Ancient Egypt Virtual Tour

To sign up for this event on Monday from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm, go to to register your spot.

The Defender wishes everyone a great Valentine’s Day!

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