Clean Up Campus Day!

Written by: Emily Vargo

On April 22, 2022, on a Friday at 11 am, the Defender and Science club will be hosting a clean-up day around campus. This is a day where we can all come out and pick up the trash around our beautiful campus and show the world a little bit of love. The Science Club will have flower pots to decorate and plant flowers in for everyone who wants one.

On Friday, April 22, we will meet in the Quad, starting at 11 am to get some baked goods, refreshments, bags, and gloves. Once you are all set, you can go outside, enjoy the sun, and help pick up some trash.

Bags and gloves will be provided, so you don’t have to worry about bringing any.

But make sure you bring an appetite because there will be a bake sale to help the Path Center, and Free drinks will be available.

This is an excellent opportunity if you need some service hours, love to volunteer, want something to do, or just care about the environment and want to keep it clean. So please come out and make a difference for our campus. We welcome any student, staff, faculty, or anyone willing to help clean up the campus.

The world is a beautiful place full of mystery and wonder. This world provides us with food to eat, water to drink, light during the day, darkness at night, and air to breathe. It gives and provides so much for us, but we don’t always care for the Earth. So come help pick up some garbage that litters our world.

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