Motivation From a Different Perspective

By: Andy Ramirez

Dr. This… Professor of that… Mr. who? Mrs. huh?
Often, we only see the adults around as yet, another adult that has it all figured out. They’re just another teacher teaching a class in which we’re trying to get a good grade. They’re just another person that we cross paths with on the sidewalk. But weren’t they students at some point too? Wouldn’t it be good to know what their experience was like? The “Oh no!” moments, the times they -accidentally- skipped class, and the “Heck yeah!” I passed my class.

Well, you don’t have to keep on guessing! Hear it right from them.

Dr. Kimberly Kuiper, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies: 

I had taken a few years off from college before returning, so I was incredibly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I was older than most other students. I remember walking into my logic class; I sat in the back so I could watch what was happening. The professor gave us a test on the first day, and I failed it. 

Sidney Faine, Director of Student Activities: 

I would love to say that I “accidentally” missed class all the time, but in reality, I definitely skipped. The majority of the time (I would say about 95%), I attended my classes. However, there were often times that I was just too comfortable in my bed. I would always email my professor on the days I “missed,” feigning to have a migraine or some other minor ache or pain, and then go right back to sleep. It should be noted that I do not condone skipping class, but I do understand needing a “mental health day” every now and then. 🙂

John Walz, Professor of Photography: 

I remember taking a probability and statistics class that just seemed impossible. I studied, I got a tutor, and I met with the professor multiple times, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get it. It was frustrating; it was the only time I felt like I was pouring my whole self into the effort and could not pass. I was able, with the help of the tutor, to do okay on the homework assignments but was scoring 30-40% on the tests. I failed the class and had to retake it. I was frustrated and unsure that it would go any better the second time; I really was scared and anxious, thinking I was possibly just incapable of passing the class, but for me, I guess two was a charm, I had a different professor, and it just seemed easy the second time, possibly because I had seen all the material before, but I managed a “B” and now when I think back, I just feel relief and happiness that the experience is behind me. I’m still a bit surprised that it went so much better the second time. Going in, I really thought I might fail it again.

Barb Sedlock, Lead Librarian, and Coordinator of Metadata & Archives: 

The highlight of my undergraduate experience was being able to spend a quarter (3 months) in Cambridge, England. We lived with local families, and two professors from my college went with us to do the stately homes, theater productions, etc. You learn to appreciate your home country when you spend that long in another one, comparing and contrasting.

Sabrina Brown, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science:  

I traveled to several states and countries during my time as a student and these travels have helped shape who I am as a person. My advice is to take on opportunities that make you feel a little uncomfortable, and you will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself.

They are not just other adults that we cross paths with on the sidewalk. They are people like you and me. If you ever feel like you’re stumbling, walking to class, or feeling extra warm and cozy in bed, reach out for advice. Because they have been there and done that, if that doesn’t do it for you, then know that college is the time to break out of your comfort zone and get a little travel in!

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