Meet AJ

By: Elizabeth Patrick

Andy Jesus Ramierez, also known as AJ, is a current senior here at Defiance College. Andy went to a high school in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. While in high school, he also attended a vocational school in Groveport, Ohio, where he studied Programming and Software Development for two years. He also took a wide variety of different college credit plus courses, which helped him a lot when he changed his major multiple times.

At first, he was double majoring in Digital Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. He is currently majoring in Communication Studies while minoring in Art Studio, Music with a Vocal Concentration, and Writing. Andy is involved in a wide variety of different clubs and organizations here at Defiance College.

These clubs include Alpha Phi Omega, in which he is an Associate of this fraternity, Service Leaders, DC FIRST Generation Program, CAB, Student Life Residence Assistance, and McMasters School For Advancing Humanity. As a McMasters Scholar, Andy and his peers are working on research to utilize against food insecurity. He also plans to assist with the restoration of the campus greenhouse while creating podcasts to keep Defiance College, The PATH Center, and the Defiance community updated on the progress and provide some educational content to implement daily. While being involved in all of these clubs and organizations, AJ is also currently in an internship.

With this internship, he will be helping permanent legal residents study for their citizenship tests. After completing his undergraduate studies, he would like to go to graduate school for a master’s in Media and Journalism with a concentration in Journalism education and a graduate minor in Race, Gender, and Social Justice.

His end goal is to be a journalist educator by day and a photojournalist at night. He is also interested in becoming a professional semester, whichever comes first. One interesting fact about AJ is that he would also like to adopt a kitten or two and travel to the other side of the world just for emotional fulfillment.

When AJ is not working on an assignment, reading, or creating Social Media content for the Defiance College Tik Tok page, you will find him walking around campus with his camera bag. He enjoys taking pictures of extraordinary moments or experiences. He also enjoys watching YouTube videos, learning a foreign language, or listening to the latest single on Spotify while wearing his headphones.

One of his favorite items to buy from the Hive is a large Jacket Mocha with extra whipped cream. Lastly, some interesting astrology information about AJ is that he is an Aquarius sun, Leo Moon, and Leo Rising. To conclude, AJ is a very active student on the Defiance College campus by being involved in an internship along with a variety of different clubs and organizations.

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