Book Review: In Five Years

By: Hanna Young

In Five Years, written by New York Times, Best Selling Author Rebecca Serle pulled readers into her twisting love story. The story is set in Manhattan, it started off in 2020 but the story ends in 2025. This love story brings readers down a winding path that seems almost never-ending.

Dannie Kohan has her life completely planned out, or at least she thinks she does. Dannie is a Manhattan lawyer that just completed her first step in her five-year plan. She is on track to complete her goals: land her dream job, get engaged, move into her dream apartment, and get married. December 15 is the day that her five-year plan gets put into play, but what happens when she goes to bed and wakes up five years in the future? She spends an hour in the future, and then when she wakes up, she is back in her apartment. Will things be the way that she always imagined them, or will they be way different?

This book was very slow-paced; each chapter seemed to drag on even though they were only a few pages each. My attention was not grabbed, and sitting there reading this book felt mundane. Finally, after reading the first 15 or so chapters, my interest peaked. The book proceeded to hold my attention for the most part. However, the ending was so unpredictable it almost seemed impossible.

Overall, I will give this book a 3/5. This book managed to keep me somewhat entertained; it just took a little perseverance to make it through some of the more boring chapters. I also gave it a lower rating because the ending seemed kinda forced.

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