Matilda the Musical (2022)

Director: Matthew Warchus
Where to watch: Netflix
By: Mallory Timbrook

This is a musical. It has singing, like all musicals. Matilda the Musical is a film made for children and families, but the combination of humor, sass, and defiance makes it an excellent movie for adults.

Initially, I was a little worried and thought I would hate the film, but boy, was I wrong. Emma Thompson took on the absolutely iconic role of Miss Trunchbull, and she slayed. What a versatile queen. She had big shoes to fill, but she did exceptionally well. I wonder if she has a fear of newts after filming.

Lashana Lynch, who most will recognize from Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Magic, starred as the sweet and loving Miss Honey. I was worried about her singing ability. Way too many actors think they can sing, and most of them can not, but she did wonderfully. Lynch, who has primarily acted in action films, was a gentle Miss Honey who is the definition of cottage core.

The adorable young lady who played Matilda, Alisha Weir, was an absolute delight. She had such an angelic voice and was more defiant than Matilda from the 1996 film. Matilda’s parents in the musical can never live up to Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman from the original film, but they did their best.

The true star of the film, though, was Bruce Bogtrotter. Played by Charlie Hodson-Prior, he slayed. His final song almost moved me to tears (not really, but it could’ve). What a bop; it should definitely be on a Top 100 list.

All in all, if you’re a sucker for cute family films or musicals, this movie is great. I’m sure if you watch it on your next date night, you will get some points in the ‘sweet’ category from your significant other. Is this movie going to win an Oscar? Definitely not, but it might make your heart a little happy and destress your brain from the effects of college.

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