Book Review: Confess

By. Hanna Young

Confess, by New York Times Best Selling Author Colleen Hoover presents to the readers a fictional story that leaves readers wanting to know all the secrets that lie within the pages. This story is set in Dallas, Texas. The book does have a little bit of a time-lapse at the beginning and end to give the readers some important details. This book leaves readers wanting to know what will happen to the main characters.

Auburn Reed is just trying to make ends meet in a big city after her life is shattered, and she is left to rebuild it. Living in Dallas and trying to accomplish all her goals have proven hard, especially when she has no room for mistakes. Then she finds herself inside a Dallas art studio after finding a helpful wanted poster. She was there thinking she was just going to get a job, she had no idea that she would meet Owen Gentry, an artist. Auburn and Owen fall madly in love, but Owen has a major secret he is trying to keep from coming out. This secret has the opportunity to ruin everything that he has with Auburn. What she needs to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it, to hopefully secure everything that she loved before. While Owen is left with two options: confess his secret and save their relationship or keep the secret and protect a different relationship.

This story kept my attention and made me want to continue to know what happened to Auburn and Owen. The feelings I have toward Owen and Auburn are unmatched by any other fictional couple. The last few chapters of the story are so life-like there would be a chance that those things could happen. That made the book that much better for me. This was a good book; however, it is not my favorite that I have read so far. This book seemed to have a couple of slower points in the story and I was less inclined to want to read it. There is also one detail that is talked about at the beginning of the book that is not mentioned again until the very end, which I find kind of annoying.

Overall, I give this book a 4/5. This book kept the reader’s attention and made me want to continue reading.

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