Book Review: The Love Hypothesis

By: Hanna Young

The Love Hypothesis by New York Bestselling Author, Ali Hazelwood would leave nothing to be desired if you were into science and fake relationships. This story begins before the main character, Olive Smith’s first year in the graduate program at Harvard. This book’s continuous love story gives readers something to look forward to, it is a good mix between a bright character as well as a grumpy character. 

Olive Smith, Ph.D. student, thinks that she will never have a lasting relationship. When Anh, Olive’s best friend, needs convincing that Olive is not completely hopeless when it comes to romantics, Olive has to prove to Anh that she is not hopeless. Trying to prove this to Anh she kisses the first person that she sees. Olive ends up kissing Adam Carlson, hotshot professor. Olive and Adam come up with a plan that will benefit the both of them and they begin fake dating. The more time they spend together the hotter that their little experiment got. Olive is suddenly thrown into a big science conference that takes a turn for the worst. Adam shocks Olive with how caring and compassionate he is, which furthers the feelings that their little experiment might be heating up. 

This book was definitely not my style. Apparently I am not super into romance books. I feel as though I did not like this book just for that small fact. I also think that this book was very slow coming, there are a lot of pages for a story that could be told in half as many words. It was a good book, however, it was not my favorite. 

Overall, I give this book a 3/5. This book was not for me and I think that is reflected in my rating. 

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