Meet Dr. Taylor

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to, Jeremy Taylor. He is the Dean of the Institute for Career Readiness and Lifelong Learning as well as the Dean of the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. Dr. Taylor grew up in a small town in Texas called Copperas Cove. He attended Texas A&M and The University of Texas-Pan American. After securing his bachelor’s and master’s, he continued his education at The University of Arkansas, obtaining his Ph.D. During his undergraduate and graduate years, he studied history.  Dr. Taylor has worked at Defiance College for ten years and plans to stay here forever.

Dr. Taylor decided to be a faculty member at Defiance College because he really enjoys developing relationships with students and focusing on teaching. He was a professor at the University of Arkansas prior to Defiance College. During the interview, I asked Dr. Taylor what his favorite part about working at Defiance College is. His reply is that “working with the students because they keep him young and teach him the new slang” is his favorite part about working at Defiance College. 

The last part of the interview was focused on Dr. Taylor more personally. If Dr. Taylor could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to Italy. He has been to Italy before, and he loved it. His favorite thing to do in Defiance, Ohio, is to go eat at Sweetwater Chophouse. He says there is not much to do in Defiance. The last question that I asked was if he was a superhero, what would he want his superpowers to be? Dr. Taylor answered, “Flight, because he likes to travel, and he would not have to pay for airline tickets.”

Dr. Taylor can be found in the basement of the library.

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