Meet Dr. Kuiper

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Kimberly Kuiper. She is the Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. She has been a faculty member at Defiance College since 2021. She decided to stay at Defiance College as a faculty member because of the students, the class size, the flexibility in teaching, and the McMasters Program. Her favorite thing about Defiance College is the students. She has a word wall outside her office with words and their meanings that anyone can add to. 

Dr. Kuiper attended Bowling Green State University to earn her Ph. D. in media and communications. Some things really motivate her to work hard at what she does. Some of those things are that she loves what she does, communication in general, and learning new things.

During the interview, I asked some personal questions to Dr. Kuiper. When asked if she could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be, she responded, “hiking in the mountains with a picnic or a full day at the beach where I read, swim, and chill out.” Dr. Kuiper’s favorite food is sushi. The last question that was asked was what her two pet peeves are. In the interview, she gave me three pet peeves: the letter “U” is not a word, leaving the milk on the counter, and not changing the toilet paper roll.

Dr. Kuiper can be found in Dana 9.

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